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Keith lived and traveled in his self-built 48-square-foot micro cabin on wheels for almost four years!

Nowadays, he runs his own carpentry business and has converted a garage into his highly organized workshop and man cave in Bend, Oregon. Check it out!

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His 48-square-foot Micro Cabin on Wheels and Workshop

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This is a modern micro cabin with an outhouse in Sedona, Arizona.

The little cabin has a queen-size bed, mini-fridge, coffee maker, microwave, and toaster. The bathhouse is right behind the cabin in a separate structure. What do you think of this arrangement? Have you ever considered building a tiny house with a nearby bathhouse?

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Tiny Cabin On The Red Rocks

Micro Cabin On The Red Rocks Sedona AZ via Matteo-Airbnb 001

Images via Matteo/Airbnb

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It’s always fun to find something completely different, and that’s what you get with the Haaks Opperland campervan. This is actually an itty-bitty two-story cabin that sits on the bed of a compact Fiat flatbed truck.

Simply drive the home to your location and drop it off. The 13-foot-long building then pops open, and the truck is free to drive wherever you need to go!

I’ll confess up front: It’s not even remotely affordable at more than $140,000 (especially since you’d have to ship it overseas — it’s built by a Dutch company), but the idea is brilliant and maybe it’ll catch on!

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The Ultimate Pop-Up Camper: Haaks Opperland Campervan

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This is a 48-sq.-ft. micro cottage that sleeps two. It’s the My Tiny Bird House by MJ Boyle and is available as a vacation rental on Airbnb.

Outside, it’s a charming micro bungalow cottage! Step inside to find two twin beds (bunk-style), kitchenette on the main level, drawer toilet under bed with cedar loo outhouse option, private outdoor shower, BBQ, and deck. What do you think of it? Take a look below and let us know in the comments.

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Cozy Micro Cottage in the Woods – Sherwood, Oregon

Cozy Micro Cottage in the Woods via Michelle-Airbnb 001

Images via Michelle/Airbnb

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This is the story of a tiny houseboat submitted by Musti Schnaps via our Facebook Page.

It’s a micro cabin built on a pontoon platform – and it’s awesome!

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The Musti Schnaps Tiny Houseboat in the UK

The Musti Schnaps Tiny Houseboat 001

Images © Musti Schnaps

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These are new images of a 16ft EscapeSpace MA that’s finished with a front porch, 8ft sliding glass door, kitchenette, couch, coffee table, desk, and bathroom. It’s really, really nice. Please watch the video tour to really get a full grasp of it.

The EscapeSpace MA is part of ESCAPE’s new line of affordable structures you can customize and put anywhere and use for almost anything. How would you finish yours?

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EscapeSpace MA 16ft Unit from ESCAPE


Images © EscapeSpace

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This is a $12,500 solar-powered micro cabin travel trailer that’s on eBay.

It’s located in Jamul, California but can likely be shipped almost anywhere.

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$12,500 Solar Micro Cabin/Travel Trailer on eBay!

$12,500 Solar-Powered Micro Cabin Travel Trailer on eBay 001

Images via eBay/horse567

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This is the story of an A-frame tiny house near Zion National Park in Utah. Even better, there’s a tiny house on wheels on the property too which happens to be your bathhouse.

It’s located in Hildale, Utah and is actually a glamping/vacation rental featuring a unique custom window which is really just exposed framing with clear material over it. Definitely reminds me of our friend Deek’s designs and his A-frame cabin.

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A-frame Tiny House near Zion National Park

Tiny A-frame Cabin With Creatively-Built Oversized Window 001

Images © Glamping Hub

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Are rooftop tiny houses becoming a trend in big cities? That might be a far stretch, but it’s an idea that’s slowly been catching on because if you’re in a city, there’s just no place for a tiny house on wheels, so rooftops could be an option for some. And it’s not the first time something kind of like this has been done.

That’s what el Sindicato Arquitectura did with its Casa Parasito project located in Ecuador’s capital Quito. What do you think of the idea of tiny homes being built on the rooftops of buildings? Is it a good idea or a bad idea? Why? Would you ever consider this if it were an affordable housing option?

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Rooftop Tiny Houses Built On Top Of City Buildings

amanecer (1)

Photo Credits: Andrès Villota for Casa Parásito/el sindicato arquitectura

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