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This is the Barn Model Tiny House in Melbourne, Florida.

It’s an Airbnb tiny house vacation experience and this one is next on my list to visit and stay in this year.

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Barn Model Tiny House in Melbourne, Florida on Airbnb

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This is a retirement tiny house that’s in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia built by Tiny Footprint. It’s called the FerneLea. The house offers a 23.5′ by 8′ living area and a 23.5′ by 10.5′ veranda area that more-than doubles living space. It’s very well done.

Outside you have a wheelchair-friendly ramp that leads directly to the motorized entryway. Inside, the bed is on a lift so you can hide it away during the day or when you have company over. Please take the brief photo tour below, watch the full video tour, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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The Perfect Wheelchair-Friendly Retirement Tiny House That’s Affordable to Build and Simple

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This is a sustainable small house with solar-power and rainwater-collection near Melbourne, Australia that you can rent on Airbnb.

It’s a sustainable off-grid home on a secluded 20 acres with rainwater collection, solar panels, batteries, a Rota-Loo composting toilet system, and eleven cows on the property. How would you like to live in a setting like this?

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Sustainable Off-Grid Small House with Solar and Rainwater System in Victoria, Australia

Small House with Solar-Power and Rainwater-Collection

Photos via Robert/Airbnb

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This is the 40ft Elmore Tiny House by Movable Roots.

It boasts about 500 sq. ft. of space inside with two sleeping lofts, a main floor bedroom, a screened-in front porch, luxurious kitchen, and more.

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500 Sq. Ft. Elmore Tiny House on Wheels by Movable Roots with Main Floor Bedroom, Double Lofts, and More!

The Elmore Tiny House by Movable Roots 001

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This is the beautiful 34ft Lee Tiny House on Wheels by Movable Roots out of Melbourne, Florida. It’s part of their Flagship Models.

This tiny house has it all! A downstairs bedroom with a large closet, a full-size kitchen and bathroom, an additional loft, and more.

At the moment, their on-site model is currently available for $89,999 (about $5,000 the normal price). So take the full tour below, let us know what you think in the comments, and if you’re interested you can contact them using the form below. Thanks!

The Lee Tiny House on Wheels by Movable Roots (On-Site Model Unit is For Sale)

The Lee Tiny House on Wheels by Movable Roots

Images © Movable Roots

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The Tiny House movement has been moving forward in leaps and bounds in the last few years in Australia, with a number of Australian tiny houses featured on programs such as Living Big in a Tiny House, and news articles and opinion pieces popping up on an almost weekly basis. A recent landmark decision in Brisbane is also a positive sign for those hoping to make tiny houses their full-time homes.

This enthusiasm and need for tiny living is now reflected in Tiny Houses appearing at events and festivals. Australia has a great opportunity to see three tiny houses at Melbourne Knowledge Week 2018 (MKW18).

MKW18 is an exciting program of events in Melbourne City Centre focussed on connecting people, place, research and technology to imagine the city of the future. It will explore opportunities, tackle the urgent challenges, and share skills to help shape the future of Melbourne, so could tiny houses be a part of this solution? The tiny houses will be displayed in a Tiny Solutions showcase from Friday May 11 to Sunday 13 May.

Free Tiny House Event at Melbourne Knowledge Week 2018


Image © Living Big in a Tiny House

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This is the 330 sq. ft. Henderson Tiny House on Wheels by Movable Roots in Melbourne, Florida.

© Movable Roots

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