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This is the story of a family of four (soon to be five) plus their pup who are living in a DIY school bus conversion that they call the Bussalo!

You can follow them on Instagram @theheymoonclub. Here’s what they have to say about living tiny, in a bus, as a family.

When I tell people we are living in a bus I sometimes get the response, “I would go crazy being in a small bus with my kids all day!” So would we! That’s the best part! We designed everything with being outside in mind. Our biggest draw to bus life aside from travel was that our confined living spaces would encourage us to be outside more, enjoying nature. So although I expect to have many great memories in the bus, the real goal is to make a ton of great memories outside of it!

Family of Four (Soon to be Five) Living in a DIY School Bus Conversion

Big Family Moves into DIY School Bus Conversion Tiny Home 001

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This is a story about living simply in a Tiny Housetruck Conversion.

From the outside, you’ll a plain white box truck with windows and an interesting rear entrance.

When you go inside, you’ll find a loft bed, living room, kitchen, and more!

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Living Simply in a Tiny Housetruck Conversion


Images © Living Big In A Tiny House via YouTube

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This two-level cabin or F House is 979 sq. ft and certainly big enough for a small family. The outdoor patio provides extra space for gathering with family and friends.

The design is minimalist mixed with modern.  As you go inside through the large glass doors you will be right in the kitchen.

The living room, dining area and bathroom are also on the lower level of the cabin.

The large patio glass doors provide the kitchen with plenty of natural sunlight.

I really love the bathtub because it can be lit up with LED lights, allowing it to glow from within. Pretty cool!

Check out this small cabin and see what you think.

979 Sq. Ft. Cabin for Small Family


Images © Daniel Moulinet

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Hi Alex and Tiny House Newsletter readers, I thought you might enjoy seeing some pics of my 450 sq. ft. duplex units.

I’ve been renovating it for the past year and a half and I’m closing in on the finish line.

These units are reverse floor plans of each other and are approximately 450 square feet each of living space and each side has a one car garage.

It’s a bit of a senior citizen, built in 1948 and has kept me on my toes since getting it.

At this point, I think I’ve touched, or had someone touch just about every square inch of the place. Enjoy my home. 🙂

450 Sq. Ft. Duplex Units Remodeled

2. entry

Images © Karen P

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I thought you’d like to tour Karen’s 265 sq. ft. backyard cottage in Berkeley, CA.

Karen originally intended to use her backyard tiny house for her own personal use but she soon realized renting it out would be a great way to earn extra income.

As you walk onto the front porch and through the french doors to go inside you are greeted by the living area, kitchen and bathroom. And when you go upstairs you have the sleeping loft with storage cabinets.

Karen had New Avenue Homes build this tiny cottage for her right in her backyard. Below you can take a full video tour of the backyard cottage filmed by our friends at Fair Companies.

Tiny Backyard Cottage for Extra Income and Asset-Building


Images © New Avenue Homes

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I’m excited to share these hanging tents with you because if you like treehouses and camping you’ll probably love this. Yes, camping in the trees would be awesome, but how? Check this out… it’s a tree tent called the RooMoon made by the Hanging Tent Company. It takes tent camping to the next level (literally). Handcrafted and designed by graduate student, Rufus Martin in Dorset, England. Since he presented this at Byrson School as a final project it has been his full-time business since. So how is this contraption made?

The outside material is a durable canvas that can stand any weather. Flooring is made of lightweight pine and very portable just like the entire tent itself. Each board attaches together making it easy to roll up and is used as a carrying case for the frame and accessories. The frame is made of steel rods that are strong and weatherproof. Collapses down in to a car-sized package making transporting very easy for camping and festivals. The designer says, “the tent is capable of lifting over 1 ton with ease. The user needs only to run the lightweight pulley chain through their hands to be lifted into the canopies.”

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Spherical Tent for Glamping in the Tree Tops


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I thought you might also like this tiny Paris apartment that was renovated using CNC milled plywood.

The design was created by Coudamy Architects then the plywood was cut using CNC machines and then put together in the house. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Take a look at what the apartment looks like inside and then watch the entire video tour and interview with the dweller below.

Tiny Paris Apartment with CNC Milled Plywood Renovation

Images: Faircompanies

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Hidden down a private path filled with lush greenery and trees you will find this cute cottage in Sausalito, California.

Featured on Apartment Therapy and winner of the Teeny Tiny division in the Small Cool Contest, Beth made this small cottage picture-worthy as you will see below.

Imagine being just 20 minutes from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco in this cozy little cottage… Well, that’s home for Beth.

I think it’s such a gem. And she has decorated her cottage in a fun-artistic-bright way.

Beth says, “Being teeny-tiny is never about living small. It’s about making it work.”

As you tour through the cottage below you will see she has managed to bring so much to this small space.

I can not help but love the outdoor ‘Alice in Wonderland’ dining area which you can see below.

Cozy Small Cottage in California with Outdoor Dining


Images: Apartment Therapy

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Just a little while back I showed how the core of the Robins Nest Tiny House on Wheels was Built (and how you can do the same) thanks to Brevard Tiny Houses.

This is an 8′ x 24′ custom designed tiny home on wheels to meet their clients needs. Even the trailer was custom designed for the design.

As soon as you walk in there’s a bathroom with shower, sink and composting toilet directly to your right. I like how the bathroom is near the front door, don’t you?

Related: How to Build the Robins Nest Tiny House on Wheels (How it was built)

Robins Nest Tiny House Tour


Images © BrevardTinyHouse.com

I encourage you to enjoy the full tour and story on the Robins Nest Tiny Home below (I think you’ll really like it):

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