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Living Simply in a Tiny Housetruck Conversion

This is a story about living simply in a Tiny Housetruck Conversion.

From the outside, you’ll a plain white box truck with windows and an interesting rear entrance.

When you go inside, you’ll find a loft bed, living room, kitchen, and more!

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Living Simply in a Tiny Housetruck Conversion


Images © Living Big In A Tiny House via YouTube

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Images © Living Big In A Tiny House via YouTube

Video: Living Simply in a Wonderful Tiny House Truck

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  • Avatar Marcy

    Very nicely done. I didn’t notice if there was another entrance into the living space that didn’t require opening up the whole back.

  • Avatar Rue

    Wow. I think this is the nicest stealth-housetruck conversions I’ve seen! Love all the wood cabinetry and the little bitty wood stove, and the way all the windows and skylight bring in light.

  • Small on outside, confortable inside. With a touch of good taste, and choosing a predominant color that creates intimate atmosphere. I Like It!

  • Avatar Valerie

    I like it and it is perfect for one couple or one person. Except missing the bath and a small shower it would be hard.

    • Avatar Gigi

      I agree. I can manage without a shower, but a toilet is an absolute necessity.

  • Avatar jake

    I really like that stove.

  • Avatar Lisa

    Is that woodstove available for purchase?

  • I too want to know about that fireplace. It’s the perfect size for a house truck, which I am also building. Mine isn’t a converted box truck but the size is nearly the same.

  • Everyone can have a tiny home it’s what you do to make it cozy & comfortable!! Your place is adorable!! Awesome fireplace that was a great idea, it not only saves you space, but you can heat your home and make dinner at the same time. That’s pretty ingenious!! I love your hutch/counter/sink the woodwork is just beautiful!! Also love your sheer curtains, they are very pretty!! It must be amazing waking up to the horses and landscape!! Enjoy your lovely home & thanking for sharing it!! Carol???


    I get a big kick out of these truck houses, and this one is no exception to that feeling what so ever….!

  • Avatar sherry

    Is this a 102″ straight truck…or smaller? BTW, nicely done.


  • Avatar Theresa Perdue

    Very pretty but in my opinion if there is no bathroom then it is not a house

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