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This is Jenna’s dreamy tiny house in the woods!

It’s a rustic cabin in Clinton, Washington that you can rent for vacation through Airbnb. And yes, it’s the famous tiny house on wheels from the popular YouTube channel, Tiny House Giant Journey.

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Airbnb Tiny House In The Woods near Seattle

Airbnb Tiny House in the Woods via Jenna-Airbnb 001

Images via Jenna/Airbnb

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This is the story of how Jenna designed and built her own downstairs bedroom in her tiny house by designing and building a simple DIY futon in the couch nook of her tiny house.

She used an idea from a skoolie bus tour she did (you can watch it right here on her YouTube channel) to make the bed work. We also did a post about it here you can check out. It’s pretty cool! You can learn exactly how she did it in the video below and she has many more videos on her channel. What do you think?

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Jenna’s Main-floor Tiny House Bedroom Solution

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This is the story of a city couple who hired Seattle Tiny Homes to build their dream tiny house in the mountains.

It sleeps up to six people comfortably. Take a look below and watch the full video tour, too all thanks to Jenna over at Tiny House Giant Journey. What do you think of this tiny house design/build?

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Modern Tiny House w/ Add-On Shed

Couples Modern Tiny House in the Mountains via Tiny House Giant Journey 001a

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey

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This is the story of the Mejia family and how they ended up to downsize into a tiny house that they built themselves. Before they were living tiny, they were super busy, and would hardly really get to spend very much quality time with each other and with their son.

Then, the lay off came. That’s when they started seriously looking into alternatives and ran into the tiny house movement. The rest, as they say, is history. Please enjoy. This story is brought to you by Tiny House Giant Journey. Thanks, Jenna!🙏

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Family living in a 338-square-foot tiny house for almost 2 years and why they did it…

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This is the story of Naval architect Kurt Hughes and the incredible sci-fi tiny house that he built which is a replica of a Lunar Lander spacecraft designed to for a Moon landing. This isn’t the first time that Hughes has built something out of the ordinary, but he’s been working on this project for the last seven years (on weekends) using inspiration and his experience from the world of boat construction. Kurt’s Lunar Lander Sci-Fi tiny house is located in Beverly, Washington and he currently uses it as a getaway/vacation cabin.

This is very likely one of the most unique, innovative, and interesting tiny homes we’ve gotten to show you this year. Our biggest thanks to Jenna over at Tiny House Giant Journey and her popular and awesome YouTube Channel for allowing us to collaborate and share this with you. Mr. Hughes also runs a blog called the Lunar Lander Dwelling which you can check out.

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Kurt Hughes’ Sci-Fi ‘Lunar Lander’ Tiny House🛸🌚

He built a Sci-Fi tiny house that’s a replica of the Lunar Lander Image © Tiny House Giant Journey 001

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

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This is Jenna’s new tiny house porch! She just moved her tiny home to a new location, in the woods, so it was just the right time to finally fulfill her dream of adding a covered porch to her tiny house build! And it looks so awesome, doesn’t it?😍

That’s one of the things about homeownership, you really never stop making improvements, right? Well, it’s the same with tiny home ownership, too, which is why Jenna, of Tiny House Giant Journey, added this beautiful new covered porch to her tiny house on wheels after securing a cozy new spot in the woods. It’s a nice and very worthwhile addition to her tiny house, isn’t it? What do you think?

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Jenna Added a Porch to her Tiny House on Wheels

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This is how typical tiny house plumbing works.

In this case, it’s for a tiny house on wheels that’s on-grid and off-grid. So it’s set up for both scenarios.

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How an Off-Grid and On-Grid Tiny House Plumbing System Works

Tiny House Plumbing Explained – Tiny House Giant Journey

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey

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This is a civil war themed tiny house on wheels with a piano bed!

Shorty Robbins built a civil war themed Tiny House to use during reenactments and loved it so much, she sold her big house and moved in!1

Can you imagine living in a tiny house with your own favorite theme? You could! What would be your tiny home’s theme?

Her Civil War Theme Tiny House with a Piano Murphy Bed!

Shortys Civil War theme Victorian Tiny House on Wheels 001

© Shorty Robbins/Associates

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In this article you’ll learn about how and why you might hate living in a tiny house.

In the tiny house world, we constantly glamorize the lifestyle because it has its benefits (costs less, quick to clean/maintain, better for the environment, etc.), so I think it’s best to offer a reality check, and I’m glad Jenna, of Tiny House Giant Journey, is doing that for us today.

In the video below, she covers the top 10 reasons why living in a tiny house stinks so I wanted to share them with you to start a discussion about it in the comments and then I wanted to ask you the all important question, which is…

Will any of these drawbacks stop you from going tiny?

Top 10 Reasons Why Living in a Tiny House Can Be Terrible And Why You Might Hate It

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