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Interested in living life on the sea? How about purchasing this tiny yacht that’s for sale!

It’s been recently remodeled, and right now it’s moored in Shelter Island Marina, in Richmond BC, and is 34 feet long. Take it away or stay in BC:

There is a waiting list for an available slip at Shelter Island BUT because the boat is already moored there, the new owner would bypass the waiting list and only have to apply to the marina office.

Moorage is charged according to length of the boat, this one runs around $500 a month. Liveaboard is more expensive but if you pay your moorage a year at a time it is much cheaper, probably $450. Each slip has a power hookup and separate breaker box and meter. Cable TV and Internet is available but up to the individual to hook it up themselves. There is a pump station for emptying the black water.
Dogs and cats are welcome.

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Tiny Yacht in British Columbia For Sale

Images via Carrie

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This is QUIDNON: A tiny house that floats — and sails!

This is a design and prototype of Dmitry Orlov’s solution to finding a place to park your tiny house. Scroll to read his story and get all the details here on his website.

Please enjoy, read more and re-share below!

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QUIDNON: A Tiny House That Floats — And Sails!

Images via QUIDNON

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This is a Lake Union Tiny Houseboat called the Knot Home.

Take the tour of the home with it’s electric fireplace, full kitchen and bedroom with a wrap-around deck. Find out how Holly liked her stay, and you can even book a stay yourself on Airbnb.

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Knot Home: Lake Union Tiny Houseboat Tour

Screenshots via YouTube/Holly Help

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This is a modern catamaran houseboat apartment designed by Salt & Water Architecture and Yacht Design.

When you go inside you’ll find a living area, kitchen, bathroom, hall with storage, and sleeping loft above the living area. These houseboat apartments are designed to accommodate 2-4 people comfortably. Please learn more, enjoy, and re-share below. Thank you!

Modern Catamaran Houseboat

Modern Catamaran Houseboat

Images © saltandwater.rs

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Here’s a 360 sq. ft. houseboat studio with one full bathroom. This houseboat sold for $175,000 in Seattle, WA.

As you walk down the boardwalk where there are many other houseboats you’ll find this brightly colored floating studio. Through the front door, you will see there are lots of windows all around to bring in natural sunlight into the large spacious living room. The kitchen is off to your right side with plenty of cabinets for storage, a small oven, and mini-refrigerator. There’s also a fold-down table for dining. This is a great space-saving idea for small houses. Beyond the living area is the open bedroom and I believe the bathroom is off to the left, however not pictured here.

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360 Sq. Ft. Houseboat Cottage Seattle

houseboat in Seattle
Images © Seattle Afloat

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Located in Amsterdam, this modern houseboat with a rooftop terrace has three levels. The private studio on the top level is available to rent through Airbnb. Here I’ll share with you a tour of the private studio.

Inside the one bedroom studio is a living area with a built-in desk, bathroom and small kitchenette. Including the large rooftop terrace the top floor is 753 sq ft.

The terrace provides additional living space when you open the glass sliding doors. I could imagine napping in the hammock on the deck.

Explore this modern house boat below.

Modern Houseboat with Rooftop TerraceModern Houseboat with Rooftop Terrace

Images © Airbnb

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LaMar Alexander, of Simple Solar Homesteading, is sharing this awesome 8×12 stealth-boat tiny house design as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest. But he is just sharing it for fun and inspiration so he is not accepting any prizes. Thanks for sharing, LaMar!

“This is an 8×12 Pontoon Stealth-boat designed for recreation or could be used for permanent living. The pontoons are filled with unsinkable foamular rigid board. The Stealthboat deck is 8×12 with ample room on the nose deck for fishing. There is a storage compartment under the nose deck for fishing and camping gear.

There is a 4×8 diving platform that can also be used for a sundeck or storage for transporting stuff to your campground. There are headlights and rear lights and there is a 100 watt solar panel on the roof and two or more deep cycle batteries under the platform bed.

The steering compartment has two seats that can be rotated around to use for eating at the slide out tables. There is a small kitchen galley with propane stove and microwave or toaster oven. There is a wardrobe closes with pull out desk on the opposite side. The bed is large enough for two people and under the bed storage for a camp toilet, ice chest or 12 volt fridge and two or more deep cycle batteries.

The front and rear windows are hinged and are used to enter and exit the boat. There are deck cleats for anchoring the boat or used for securing gear. A small electric outboard or trolling motor would power the Stealthboat.”

LaMar Alexander’s 8×12 Stealth-boat Tiny House Design


Images © LaMar Alexander/Simple Solar Homesteading

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This 640 sq. ft. 1-bedroom houseboat is in Seattle, Washington’s Lake Union community.

It was built back in 1920, according to Small House Bliss. Since that time it has been added onto which has made it less tiny. Inside you’ll find an office, bedroom, living area, kitchen, and more.

This floating home was listed for sale with an asking price of $670K (ouch!) but was actually sold for $490,000 (still an ouch!) according to Estately. If it were more affordable, how would you like to live in a floating cottage like this one right on the water? Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

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640 Sq. Ft. 1-Bedroom Floating Cottage in Seattle


Images © Coldwell Banker Bain

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I thought you would also enjoy this tiny house poem video by Carla Schwartz.

It’s a simple collection of photo memories in Claude von Roesgen’s tiny solar houseboat that you can see in this post.

The little houseboat is named TinySol, “the wake with the solar tiny houseboat!”

And it earns the name with its unique solar roof panels (check them out here).


Photo Credit Carla Schwartz via YouTube

I encourage you to enjoy the video poem below then share your favorite line from it in the comments when you’re done:

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