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Lily and Dylan have an incredible tiny life — living on the Seattle waterfront next to million-dollar homes — for a fraction of the cost! Their floating home allows them to enjoy incredible views without the crazy price tag.

While the house is now mostly a barge, it was “seaworthy” in its heyday. The couple have paid homage to the homes’ past by preserving much of the original woodwork and displaying old pictures of the houseboat inside. Enjoy the remarkable tour below!

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Their Incredible Two-Story Houseboat

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Here’s a really neat floating home that’s moored in Sarasota Bay in Florida, where you can stay for a couple of nights. It’s an off-grid adventure, but they have some solar power and plumbing to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The one-room houseboat has a couch that turns into a bed, a little kitchenette, and a bathroom that allows for a 5-minute shower. The coolest feature of this vacation home, however, is the rooftop patio where two lounge chairs sit basking in the sun!

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Sarasota Bay House Boat For Epic Vacation

Floating Oasis w Rooftop Lounge Deck

Images via Airbnb/Diona

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Why build a normal cabin when you could have one shaped like Noah’s Ark (on a “tiny” scale, of course). This unique tiny house has a living/kitchen area “below deck” and then a bedroom area on the second floor.

There’s a wrap-around deck where you can look out on the gorgeous Tennessee landscape with a pond and pasture. What a peaceful spot to stay!

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Handcrafted Mini-Ark/Boat Vacation Stay in TN

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When Johnny thought he was getting a new Navy position that would have him deploying more frequently, he chose to rent out his home and purchase a 1981 CHB Ed Monk Trawler to use as his home base wherever he went (rather than paying rent in a number of cities).

The Navy ended up cancelling that job altogether, but Johnny kept the boat and now he teaches other Navy sailors to drive boats, continues to rent out his home, and lives full-time on his trawler. We actually showed you his buddy’s trawler some months ago, and the two of them enjoy hanging out in the water around San Diego.

See it all in the video interview with Tiny Home Tours below!

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Living on the Water: No Rent (Just a Lot of Repairs)

Active Duty Navy Officer & His Trawler Tiny Home 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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When he lived in Japan, Joe lived the #vanlife, travelling around the country. So tiny living is nothing new to him. When he wanted a spot to live in the States, he ended up choosing 36ft, 1982 Ed Munk offshore yacht — named Toko — which he has lived on for the past year.

As a Navy Serviceman, he knew a lot about large boats and the rules of sea, but he’s learned a lot since making a smaller boat his home sweet home. For the most part, he stays close to land for his job, but he can pick up and sail away for a day or a week whenever he’d like! Now that’s a cool life.

Be sure to watch the video of the interior of boat below, where he has two bedrooms, a salon, head and galley with a pretty large fridge/freezer! Thanks Tiny Home Tours! Follow Joe on Instagram here.

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Joe and Toko: Life on The Water in Crown City

Navy Serviceman And His Epic Boat Home 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is the story of Olivia and Ryan and how they built their dream floating home using inspiration from floating house communities in British Columbia.

In this episode of Living Big In A Tiny House (YouTube) with Bryce Langston, he shows you an amazing house boat cottage in Auckland, New Zealand. Have you ever considered building a cottage on a floating platform, kind of like this?

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New Zealand Couple Living their Dream on a House Boat

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Olivia and her husband, Rob, have been living in a narrowboat in England for 7 years now! That’s an impressive amount of time for anyone to live in one place — let alone a tiny spot.

Originally the boat was only meant to offer them shelter temporarily while they saved up for a “normal” house, but once they got into tiny living, they never looked back. Not only can they move their home whenever they’d like, the simplicity of a minimalist life really suits them.

One great thing about their home: No loft! Olivia (@oliviakatewainwright) says the only real pain is emptying their toilet. Read our Q&A with Olivia after the photo tour of her floating home!

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Narrowboat Living for 7 years (with their dog)…

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Meet Jay Blackmore (@floatinthekoots) and his incredible DIY Off-Grid Floating Home that he spent four years building in his “spare” time.

Not only did he build it, but he also designed the entire thing and did all the work except the electrical and gas hookups (probably wise!). The home is about 700 square feet and includes an open concept living room and kitchen, and a second floor with two bedrooms. The home is heated in the freezing Canada winters by his pellet stove (or a back-up propane heater) and even some gas lamps!

Make sure to watch the video from Exploring Alternatives to hear Jay explain his incredible closed-loop system for his gray water!

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Kootenay Lake DIY Off-Grid Floating Home

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This is Le Koroc Tiny House Boat by Daigno!

It’s a beautiful tiny house boat that is wonderfully designed. I think you’ll be surprised as to how much is inside! Take the tour below then let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

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The Beautiful Le Koroc Tiny House Boat

Le Koroc Tiny House Boat 001

Images © Daigno

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