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This is a tiny home for the homeless built by Tiny House Greensboro.

The charity is building these as long-term transitional housing which will be rented out to residents.

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Homes for the Homeless: Tiny House Greensboro

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This formerly homeless man built a micro shelter for his homeless friend.

Peter Gould now lives in an apartment, and spent 40 hours and $600 creating this micro structure.

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Formerly Homeless Man Builds Micro Shelter for Homeless Friend


Image via Adrian Lam, Times Colonist

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Aryeh Berkovits is just 10-years-old, but as part of his Personal Interest Project in school, he and his teacher Colin May built a micro house prototype to help solve homelessness in Sydney, Australia.

The little home was constructed from recycled materials and only cost $200 to create.

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Schoolboy Helps Build $200 Micro House for the Homeless


Image via Carly Earl/The Daily Telegraph

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This is the story of a tiny house village for KC homeless veterans.

The plan includes 52 240-square-foot tiny homes.

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Tiny House Village for KC Homeless Vets


© VeteransCommunityProject.org

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This story is a guest post by Janet Caldwell

Well, have I got a story for you -Rev. Jeff Obafemi Carr, once homeless himself, is living in Nashville’s FIRST micro model home until enough money is raised to build a village of micro-homes for the homeless.

Through the efforts Infinity Fellowship where he is the Lead Minister, Jeff is living in a 60 square foot micro-home and will continue to live there until enough funds are raised to build a “micro-village” for homeless to live in for FREE. This is a crowd-funded GoFundMe page initiative that has raised more than half of the $50,000 needed so far. Jeff has been living there for 26 days now while his wife and five children continue to live in their residence.

Please see media release below, as well as photos attached for more information.

Reverend Living in Micro House to Raise Money for Homeless


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This is an inspiring story of how a community of amazing people are helping this 83-year-old homeless widow enjoy her very own barn tiny home. Our big thanks goes to Jill Penley for sharing.

It’s a 12′ by 36′ yard barn that’s being renovated thanks to the help of local church members and a mission group in Hawkins County. And to her, this is a mansion since she has been homeless for the last 15 years of her life after losing her husband.

Originally the barn structure was 12′ by 24′ but they added on to it to make it 36′ so that a dedicated downstairs bedroom can be comfortably added. Please enjoy and re-share this inspiring story below. Thank you!

Homeless 83-year-old Widow Gets Barn Tiny Home

Homeless 83-year-old Widow Gets Barn Tiny Home 01

Images © Sheldon Livesay

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A group of local teens in Seattle are developing an eco-village called The Impossible City to benefit the local homeless people in the area.

They’ve even put together an Indiegogo fundraising campaign that has so far raised a total of $27,744 as I write this.

With the campaign scheduled to close on April 26, 2015, they’re just a few thousand dollars short of their goal to raise $32,205. And it looks like they’re going to make it!

This project is backed by Sawhorse Revolution which is a non-profit carpentry program for high school students in Seattle. So far they’ve designed a green house, micro home, solar hubs, communal kitchens, composting outhouses, and more for the village (all of which you can see sketches of below). Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.

Teens Developing Eco-Village for Seattle’s Homeless


Images © Alec Gardner

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A compassionate group of people in San Luis Obispo County, California are creating a village of tiny homes to benefit their homeless neighbors.

Right now they’ve completed their model 7′ x 16′ Cabin on Wheels which they are lovingly calling The COW.

The plan is to develop a sustainable tiny house community for their unhoused neighbors who are under-served and have fallen into homelessness.

The villagers will be building their own tiny homes on wheels with the help of their team of volunteers from the community. People can help out by donating and/or by helping to build by volunteering their time. And everyone involved will get to learn from each other while helping one another. For about $2,500 a cabin on wheels can be built for a veteran in need or other homeless person.

Hope’s Village of SLO: Tiny House Community for the Homeless


Images © Hope’s Village of SLO

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Right now I want to give you an update on OM Build which is a tiny house community for the homeless in Madison, Wisconsin.

If you feel called to I’d also like to invite you to help support the growth and completion of the community with your own donation.

Occupy Madison is building tiny houses for people who don’t have homes. So far, they have completed the first three tiny houses, according to this article on the Huffington Post.

The next phase is to build six more tiny houses along with a community area with a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and more.

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Tiny House Community for Homeless Finishes 3rd Tiny Home


Images © OM Build

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