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Tiny House Community for Homeless Finishes 3rd Tiny Home

Right now I want to give you an update on OM Build which is a tiny house community for the homeless in Madison, Wisconsin.

If you feel called to I’d also like to invite you to help support the growth and completion of the community with your own donation.

Occupy Madison is building tiny houses for people who don’t have homes. So far, they have completed the first three tiny houses, according to this article on the Huffington Post.

The next phase is to build six more tiny houses along with a community area with a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and more.

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Tiny House Community for Homeless Finishes 3rd Tiny Home


Images © OM Build


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om-build-finishes-3rd-tiny-house-for-homeless-community-003 om-build-finishes-3rd-tiny-house-for-homeless-community-004 om-build-finishes-3rd-tiny-house-for-homeless-community-005 om-build-finishes-3rd-tiny-house-for-homeless-community-006

Images © OM Build

Video of Grand Opening

WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

Brochure for OM Village

om-build-tiny-village-brochure-01 om-build-tiny-village-brochure-02 om-build-tiny-village-brochure-03 om-build-tiny-village-brochure-04

Download Brochure (above) as a PDF.

=> Help support this tiny house community for the homeless with your own donation.


=> Help support this tiny house community for the homeless with your own donation.

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  • Avatar Lisa E.

    After the demise of our country whixh we have had to watch over the last 30 years or so, it is heartwarming and wonderful to see what is happening here: People caring about people and actually doing something about it. I certainly hope that this becomes the wave of the future and that every city will put this into their city management planning so we can eradicate homelessness across all of America. It’s so wonderful that the Tiny House Movement is on the cutting edge of such a fabulous effort on behalf of homeless people everywhere.

  • Avatar Lola

    Good Job……….

  • Avatar Joe

    This is humanity at its best. people help people not governments. If its to be welcomed into a neighbor hood it must be neighbors who make it happen.
    congratulations on a wonderfull project.

  • Avatar Daniel

    Very interesting project. Looks like a nice community. I just happened to find a video a few days ago of a home being moved to this property. I would be very interested in seeing how the process went to getting this to happen since I’m sure approvals were needed from the city counsil and other requirements had to be met. It would be great to be able to start projects like this, not just for homeless but for tiny house communities as well.

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