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This is a quirky industrial-style tiny house on wheels with a built-in outdoor shower in Atlanta, Georgia. It happens to be a vacation unit located on an urban farm in the area.

It’s a one-of-a-kind tiny house with 93-square-feet of space inside. It has some really interesting features like a private outdoor shower, a modern composting toilet, a built-in hammock/loft, gymnastics climbing holds, full kitchen inside, and more. It’s a really cool tiny house that just might give you a new idea or two!

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One-of-a-kind 93-square-foot tiny house with a built-in (private) outdoor shower/outhouse – pretty cool!

Quirky industrial-style tiny house on wheels with PRIVATE built-in outdoor shower

Image via Glamping Hub

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This is a Georgia Bulldogs theme micro camping shell for $3,000 (sold).

It’s a 5-ft x 8-ft cargo trailer to camper conversion designed for weekends and tailgating. The best part is that it’s light enough to be towed by almost any car or small SUV.

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$2,995 Georgia Bulldogs Micro Camper – 5 x 8 Cargo Trailer Conversion with AC, 110v and 12v Power, Windows, Vents, Carpeting, Lights, and Fan – Valdosta, Georgia (SOLD)

Georgia Bulldogs Micro Camping Shell for $3k

Images via Craigslist

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This is a 20-Foot Modern Tiny House For $36,000. It’s built by Bigheart Tiny House Company in Atlanta, Georgia.

Complete 20′ Tiny House on wheels by BIGHEART for only $35,999. Turn key 208 sq ft house ready to move in, built in 10-11 weeks. Does not include fridge, oven or toilet.

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$36k Tiny House on Wheels – 20-Foot THOW – Modern and Simple – By BIGHEART Houses

20-Foot Modern Tiny House For $36k

Images © Bigheart Houses

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This is an ESCAPE Tiny House Vacation in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s the NEW Vista Boho Tiny House which is also now available in XL.

Beautiful Tiny House located in a quiet and peaceful setting… a lovely neighborhood with easy access to everything Atlanta. Nearest MARTA Station is only 2 miles away, which if you’re heading to the Super Bowl, takes you directly to Mercedes Benz Stadium, as well as downtown Atlanta and other MARTA connections.

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ESCAPE Vista Boho Tiny House Vacation in Atlanta

Super Bowl Tiny House in Atlanta - By ESCAPE

Photos via Airbnb

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This couple is selling their newly-built 28-foot tiny house on wheels so that they can fund their travels around the world. According to the listing, they just finished building the tiny house a couple of months ago, but it turns out that they are not ready to settle down in it. So it’s for sale for $28k (now sold). The wife designed it, and he built it.

The house comes with a new refrigerator, live-edge countertops, large bathtub with antique faucet, full bathroom, loft above the bath, queen mattress, large windows, AC, sliding barn door for the bathroom, and more! This is a wonderful example of a simple but very beautiful tiny home. Build one like this!

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Couple Sell their Newly-Built Custom 28-Foot Tiny House on Wheels Because They’re Traveling the World

Couple Selling their 28-foot THOW to Travel the World

Images via Jason Osborne/Tiny Home Builders

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This is Asha Mevlana’s tiny cabin and THOW music studio. It’s a tiny cabin on a foundation joined by a deck with a separate tiny house on wheels that functions as her music studio.

Asha Mevlana is an electric violinist with the Trans Siberian Orchestra who is used to life on tour but wanted a solid place to call home. This incredible tiny house is constructed on foundations but is joined by a mobile music studio on wheels, which also doubles as a practice space as well as performance venue.1

So what do you think of Asha’s tiny home? How well would it work for you? What would you change about it to make it perfect for you?

Musician Creates Tiny Cabin with Traveling Music Studio Tiny House Joined Together With a Beautiful Outdoor Deck

Musicians Tiny Cabin and THOW Studio Joined by Deck 001

Images via Living Big in a Tiny House/YouTube

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