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This is the Fair House, a park model tiny house sold by Pratt Homes in Texas.

Although Pratt Homes can supply a number of floor plans, I really love this one. It’s great for one or two people and it has everything you need on the ground floor! Plus the spacious front deck is perfect for sipping lemonade.

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Fair House: Park Model Tiny House in Texas

Images via Pratt Homes

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These are two 2014 Tumbleweed Elm Horizon Tiny House Models for sale.

They have kitchens, great rooms, lofts and bathrooms and are selling as-is for nearly 40% off the original price tag. Plus, mention the Tiny House Talk Newsletter and get $1,000 off! Enjoy!

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Two 2014 Tumbleweed Elm Horizon Tiny Houses For Sale

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In this post, I’m going to show you Jay Shafer’s component furniture plans which are made to design your own tiny house.

I think his goal here is to make it easy for us to customize tiny houses for our own needs.

At first, Jay would design little houses for himself figuring that he was pretty average. But it turns out that we’re all quite different…

Not just physically but we all prefer different things. Jay noticed that most people buying his plans would later customize them.

So now Jay’s component furnishings make it relatively easy for us to make our own floor plan within a tiny home. Let me show you how it works below.


Four Lights Tiny House Furniture Components

So far Four Lights is offering the following furniture and appliance components and more details on how they all work are below:

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Think you can live in, work in, and share a small apartment?

That’s what I do with my 500-square-foot apartment that I’m showing you today.

Small Apartment Design for Live/Work

I took my apartment’s dimensions, design and layout and did my best to match it.

Then I made some slight improvements that I thought would make it better.

Redesigning My Tiny Apartment in 3D


Check out the best photos (and video) below:

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Today I’m featuring Grandpas Cabin by Sidekick Homes a subdivision of Kephart Living. They have 12 house plans that are under 600 square feet. Their smallest is 360 square feet.

Most of their designs are intended to be backyard cottages. They offer different designs in the hopes that you can pick something to match your existing architecture/community.

Prices range from $75,000 to $200,000 for the structures themselves. The homes are designed to meet current housing standards but can be customized as needed. There are single and two-story models. Most of the homes can be modified to include a garage or basement if needed.

Sidekick Homes: 396 sq ft Grandpas Cabin

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Sidekick Homes: 396 sq ft Grandpas Cabin
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