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This is how this awesome family of four turned their shed into a tiny farmhouse cottage.

From start to finish, here is how they did it, and it only cost them about $15,000 in material cost, you can read our full interview with the family right here.

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How They Built Their Shed Farmhouse Cottage

Shed To Farmhouse Build 001

Images © Katy Zientek

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Bianca, Justin, and their toddler Bodhi live in this 30-foot long tiny house on wheels and they’ve designed the interior to fit their small family’s lifestyle perfectly!

The tiny house was a DIY build that was for sale on Kijiji and they bought it for $60,000 CAD. They added the kitchen, the furniture, and they modified the bathroom themselves to make the home more comfortable and functional.

Minimalist Family’s Tiny House Life

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While this family isn’t living anywhere close to “tiny” in their 1,500 square foot home, they intentionally purchased a small home (did you know the average size of new homes in the US is 2,687 square feet?) after looking at many large opulent homes and being inspired to live more simply by Marie Kondo.

I love this story because it shows that even if you aren’t ready to squeeze your family into under-400 square feet, you can still choose to live more simply and reap the benefits of minimalism. Bigger isn’t always better! Mom, Elena, said she was stressed out thinking about keeping up with the housework in the larger homes they were touring, so when she came across a small gem, it clicked!

We got to interview Elena (@elena_winn) about their choice to live small and downsize, so be sure to check out the Q&A at the end of the post!

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From 2,200 to 1,500 Square Feet: Intentional Downsizing!

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This is the story of the Schons and their DIY tiny home. They’re a family of four who have been building their tiny house for the last two years and they recently moved into the Lake Dallas Tiny Home Community outside of Dallas, Texas.

The kids each have their own unique bedroom with personalized painted ceilings and decoupaged floors, which adds such an amazing touch. They homeschool and love the life that tiny living affords them.

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Family Build DIY Fifth Wheel Tiny House on Wheels

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This is the Evans family (their Instagram). They’re a family of 8 with pets (3 dogs and a snake) living on a bus that they renovated themselves. That’s 8 people, 3 dogs, and a snake living and traveling out of a DIY bus conversion (their YouTube Channel).

They are excited to be traveling the world and giving their children real experiences instead of just reading and watching movies. Pretty cool parents, right? This story is brought to you thanks to the Tiny Home Tours YouTube Channel.

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8 People, 3 Dogs, And A Snake Living And Traveling in a DIY Bus Conversion!

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This is the story of Jake and Gianna and their young daughter Luna, and how the three of them are living and adventuring full-time in a van conversion!

This van tiny home features a loft bed for their daughter along with all of the other conveniences of home, only this one is completely mobile. Can you imagine adventuring like this during your lifetime?

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Family of 3 Full-Time Van Dwelling w/ Young Daughter

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