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This is the Archer Tiny House on Wheels by Build Tiny in New Zealand.

It’s a tiny home designed for small families and it’s Build Tiny’s latest model.

The layout includes an upstairs living room, a main floor bedroom, and an additional upstairs loft bedroom on the opposite side of the home. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

26ft Archer Tiny House on Wheels That’s Suitable for a Small Family

The Archer Tiny House by Build Tiny NZ with Kids Room 001a

Images © Build Tiny

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This is the story of a family of four that moved into a tiny house to save money and improve their lives. It’s the story of Hannah, Josh, and their two kids.

Hannah and Josh downsized to a Tiny Home with their two children (ages 1 and 3) after not being able to afford a regular house in a neighborhood near Bellingham, Washington.

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Parents w/ two kids go tiny to save money

Family with Two Kids Go Tiny to Save Money

Images via Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

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This is one family’s two-story shipping container tiny home built by Backcountry Containers out of Needville, Texas.

You may have seen the builders on the DIY Network on their TV series called Containables.

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Family’s Two-Story Shipping Container Tiny Home by Backcountry Containers

Familys Two-Story Shipping Container Tiny Home

Images via Backcountry Containers

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This is a 323 sq. ft. tiny home on wheels that was built by breast cancer survivor, Kristi Bugajski and her husband, Rafael.

With zero building experience but the determination, faith, and motivation to build their own home, the Bugajski’s completed their house in January of 2016.

After enjoying it for a few years, they are currently selling it because their daughter who is in college is living with them and they need more space (especially an extra bathroom). It’s currently for sale with an asking price of $85,000.

Couple’s Beautiful Tiny Home They Built Themselves Now For Sale Out Of Mocksville, North Carolina

Breast Cancer Survivor and Husband Build Tiny House-001

Images © Kristi and Rafael Bugajski

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This is the story of Kelley Lewis. She’s a single mom of three who started building her own tiny home after her divorce.

When Kelley Lewis was left on her own as a single mom to raise three young children, she was determined to still achieve the dreams she had in mind for her family – including a lakeside cabin for weekends and getaways. In Going Off Grid, Laura Ling examines how more Americans are choosing to live a more sustainable, simple lifestyle.

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Single Mom of Three Building Off-Grid Tiny Home After Divorce

Single Mom of Three Building Off Grid Tiny Home After Divorce 001

Images via YouTube/Stories

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Meet the Longnecker Family, they are a family of six that travel full-time in their 1972 Airstream travel trailer.

Starting next week (October 1st) they are hosting a 5-day challenge to help you plan your first boondocking trip. Get more details below, take a virtual tour of their Airstream tiny home, and please re-share this story on your Facebook to help us spread the word. Thank you!🙏

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This Family of 6 is Living and Traveling Full Time in Their 1972 Airstream Trailer!

Family of 6 Traveling Full-Time in 1972 Airstream-001

Images via Jonathan and Ashley Longnecker

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