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Here’s another super cool geodesic dome home, this one tucked in a Wildlife Sanctuary which is sure to make for a unique stay.

It features a large living room and kitchen, along with a king bedroom and spacious bathroom on the first floor. There’s another king bedroom and private bathroom upstairs! This would be a cool place to take the family.

What do you think? Could you live in a dome?

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1105 Sq. Ft. Dome Home w/ Two Beds & Two Baths

wildlife sanctuary geodesic dome

Images via Airbnb/Matthias

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Meet the “Dome-anooga,” dubbed so by owner Glenn. This monolithic dome home sits in his backyard in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is a rental for couples traveling to the area.

The home is studio-style, with the living, dining, and kitchen area all in the main central dome. There’s a Murphy bed with a Tempurpedic mattress that can be tucked away during the daytime for maximum storage space. There’s also a bathroom and laundry closet, so everything you need is in one place!

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Chattanooga’s First Monolithic Dome Home!

Dome-anooga 12

Images via Airbnb/Glenn

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We recently received an email from reader Gregory all about EconOdome Home Kits. He plans on using his second stimulus check to pay down on some land where he can eventually build one of these awesome hurricane-resistant homes.

There are a lot of size and pricing options available on the website. For example, their higher-quality, fully-insulated 26-foot Econodome costs about $18,000 total, while their very basic 13′ model (sans insulation) comes in at only $1,300! All the options make it easy to buy a kit that fits within your budget and expertise.

You can learn a lot more about Econodomes and why to build them on their website here. I could spent a few hours on the site with all the research and options available! Check out some photos of just what you can do with their kits below…

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Build Your Own Amazing Dome Home

Econodome 2

Images via Littledomes.com

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Here are some tiny dome cabins in Patagonia.

They are part of the EcoCamp Patagonia Domes that you can actually book and stay in. They offer tiny basic 108 sq. ft. domes as well as more luxurious domes with private bathrooms as large as 398 sq. ft.

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Tiny Dome Cabin at EcoCamp Patagonia

Tiny Dome Cabins in Patagonia... Gorgeous Scenery

Photos via EcoCamp Patagonia

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With endless design options, these Styrodome tiny dome homes, can be built for around $65 – $75 per square feet (depending on your location).

Each 314 sq. ft. kit includes 8 sections that are made from 4 ½ inches thick EPS (expanded poly styrene) material, along with standard window openings, a door opening, and 160 liner ft of rebar.

Each section comes pre-fabricated with the wire mesh installed and ready for plaster. Electric and plumbing are installed like most conventional structures, while mini split A/C units are recommended for heating and cooling. There are options to add accessories, including additional living quarters and even a basement! See below. 🙂

314 Sq. Ft. Styrodome Tiny Dome Homes


Images © StyroDome.com

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Earlier I showed you the astronomical cabins at Hotel Elqui Domos which are in the same location I’m showing you these astronomical domes for star gazing.

Right now I want to focus in on these awesome dome cabins that can sleep up to four people. Inside you’ll find a fireplace, heater, bunk beds, living area with plenty of seating, kitchenette area, and a full bathroom for your convenience.

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Astronomical Domes for Star Gazing at Hotel Elqui Domos in Chili


Images © Airbnb

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This is the story of a man named Steve who designed and built his very own tiny dome home for only $9,000. It all really started in 2011, when Steve visited his friend in northeast Thailand on their mango farm.

Thanks to his friend and their family’s help, he was soon able to build most of it in only six weeks time for less than $6,000. The details like doors, interior, landscaping, and such took a few more weeks of labor and another $3,000. So all-in-all, it only cost him about $9,000 and less than a few months to complete. And now he gets to enjoy 500 sq. ft. of bliss. Debt-free.

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Steve’s Debt-free Tiny Dome Home in Thailand


Images © Steve Areen

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In this post I’m excited for you to meet Phil McCabe of Solscape Eco Retreat who we have thanks to Bryce and his team over at Living Big in a Tiny House in New Zealand. Phil and his partner are showing us their two tiny earth dome homes which were built for only $10k and total just 107 square feet each (about 10 square meters).

They were built using earth bag construction over at Solscape which is an eco model community that has been there for almost 12 years now. Their goal is to design and develop models of sustainable living so people like you and me can visit and experience them. These tiny dome homes have fun features like wine bottle windows and 360 panoramic views in a loft with meditation space below. You’ve really just got to see it in the video below to grasp it all.

Two Tiny Earth Dome Homes Built for Only $10k


Images © LivingBiginaTinyHouse

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This is a follow-up post to Monolithic Dome Tiny Homes that I originally shared back in 2010. It’s incredible that it’s been over ten years since I originally shared this, hasn’t it? Quite unbelievable! And I’m fortunate enough to still be getting to go back, comb through old articles, and make them better all thanks to you and your support over the years. 🙏

So anyway, this is an incredible FOURPLEX Monolithic Dome Home Structure so that means there are four total units per structure at approximately 201-sq.-ft. of space per unit. That means each structure is only 804-sq.-ft. yet offers four units. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? How do you see this type of structure being used most effectively? Let’s talk about it in the comments down below, please, because I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas! And who knows, the right person might read it and turn it into reality somewhere. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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Fourplex Monolithic Dome Home Structures… Wow! Would you build or live in one of these?

Fourplex Monolithic Dome Home Structures... Wow! Would you build or live in one of these?

Images via Monolithic.com

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