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Dome Homes

Monolithic Home Decorated in Shire Style 3

Monolithic Home Decorated in Shire Style

Madeleine and Nollie purchased this 800-square-foot Monolithic dome home from a man who had lived in it without many amenities. They took the empty concrete dome and transformed it into a cozy Airbnb with decor inspired by the “Hobbit.” There’s a large open-concept living/dining/kitchen area for feasting, reading, and relaxing. Walls block off a cozy [...]

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Modern Geo Dome Cabin in Hendersonville 001

Modern Geo Dome Cabin in Hendersonville

This is a modern geo dome cabin in Hendersonville, North Carolina. It has a full bathroom, kitchen, living area, and bedroom. What do you think? Would you consider building a geo dome kind of like this? Don’t miss other interesting geo domes and other tiny homes, join our Free Tiny House Newsletter for more stuff [...]

Conkers Sustainable Pod Homes Designed to Click Together 3

Conkers: Sustainable Pod Homes Designed to Click Together

It all started when the children of an aerospace engineer wanted a treehouse: Their dad thought a shed was just too basic, and instead he created what would later become the first iteration of the “Conker.” These Sci-Fi Conkers are spherical homes (unless you get the wheelchair-accessible “Igloo” version) that feature sustainable materials and a [...]

Trullo Home in Itally with amazing stone cone! 19

Traditional ‘Trullo’ Home in Italy With Stone-Coned Roof!

Yesterday was the first time I had ever seen a trullo house and I had to share it! These have been around since the 14th century, so there’s a good chance you are already familiar with trulli (the pural), but their design and construction is so fascinating and relatively tiny. Popular in the Italian countryside, [...]

Newly-Remodeled Spaceship Home on 28 Acres 33

This Round, Rustic Cabin is Shaped like a UFO!

Spaceship? Dome? Yurt? Cabin? Whatever you want to call it, this newly-remodeled home is absolutely gorgeous! While it’s by no means tiny with three bedrooms, two baths, and a spacious living area/kitchen, the alternative design makes it worth looking at! I love seeing what people do with circular spaces since they present a number of [...]

Vacation in a Snow Globe 15

Stargazing Snow Globe Dome in Ontario

The first thing I thought when I saw this dome home was “snowglobe”! And in Ontario, there’s a good chance a winter visit would allow you to sit in the comfort of the loft bed and watch the snowfall from the sky. Inside this solar-powered off-grid vacation home you’ll find a hammock, hand-painted mural, cozy [...]

Navarre Beach Area 51 Spaceship House 15

Navarre Beach Area 51 Spaceship House

Dome homes are cool, but spaceship dome homes are even cooler! This out-of-this-world vacation spot feels like a spaceship inside and out, with an awesome orange-and-grey color palette and tons of “spacey” furniture and accents. It has two separate queen bedrooms, as well as space bunks for the littles. There are also two bathrooms, making [...]

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