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Man Builds Two Tiny Earth Dome Homes for $10k

In this post I’m excited for you to meet Phil McCabe of Solscape Eco Retreat who we have thanks to Bryce and his team over at Living Big in a Tiny House in New Zealand. Phil and his partner are showing us their two tiny earth dome homes which were built for only $10k and total just 107 square feet each (about 10 square meters).

They were built using earth bag construction over at Solscape which is an eco model community that has been there for almost 12 years now. Their goal is to design and develop models of sustainable living so people like you and me can visit and experience them. These tiny dome homes have fun features like wine bottle windows and 360 panoramic views in a loft with meditation space below. You’ve really just got to see it in the video below to grasp it all.

Two Tiny Earth Dome Homes Built for Only $10k


Images © LivingBiginaTinyHouse


You can see earth bag building in action below…

10k-tiny-earth-dome-home-003 10k-tiny-earth-dome-home-004 10k-tiny-earth-dome-home-005 10k-tiny-earth-dome-home-006 10k-tiny-earth-dome-home-007 10k-tiny-earth-dome-home-008 10k-tiny-earth-dome-home-009 10k-tiny-earth-dome-home-0010 10k-tiny-earth-dome-home-0011 10k-tiny-earth-dome-home-0012 10k-tiny-earth-dome-home-0013 10k-tiny-earth-dome-home-0014

Images © LivingBiginaTinyHouse

Video: Tour & Interview with Tiny Earth Dome Homes Owner/Builder

Learn more: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/stunning-earth-domes-solscape/

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  • this takes on the flintstone look.

  • Avatar Brian

    Very innovative and attractive tiny home. Shall look forward to seeing one with bathroom and living space as outlined in the video. Cheers from Kiwi in Australia.

  • Avatar Marsha Cowan

    These are so spectacular! The fact that such beauty and stability can be had for just $5000 each is amazing. Great craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing this!

  • I think that is really nice.

    I think it is a human size version of a Smurf house.

  • Avatar Ken McCaskill

    Love it! Totally trippy! But I don’t smoke that stuff any more!

  • Avatar Patrick

    I like the appearance of the completed structures and idea of earth bag construction. I just don’t see the financial benefit here. A well-insulated, stick-build structure of larger proportions and more functional layout could be built for the same amount or less money than one of these earth domes. Which surprises me, as I always thought earth bag construction would be considerably cheaper than going with conventional means.

  • Avatar Glema

    Good to have alternative styles for divisive peoples. God bless thanks for sharing. Happy trails.

  • Avatar Mark

    .. Like .. especially the loft space ..

  • Avatar Susanne

    Wonder why they did not decide on a straw bale house instead…

  • Avatar A.C.

    Cute huts, love the top loft. The neat windows give it tons of character. Reminds me of a hobbit house! Charming

  • Avatar Gigi

    I love earthbag homes for their thick walls. These look more like they were built with earth hoses.

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