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This is the story of Liz and Ron’s married life in a van.

They took a leap of faith and made their dream a reality.

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Couple’s Married Life In A Van Conversion

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This is the story of Derek and Hannah‘s passive solar design home that they are building in Arizona. It’s not a tiny house, it’s more of a small house, but you can also use the same principles when building your own tiny, small, or even large house.

Anyway, before all of this, they started out with a tiny house. And now several years later they’re getting to design and build their dream home with passive solar design that will save them thousands and thousands of dollars on utility bills every single year. All because of a well-thought design! See and learn how they did it in the video explanation below.

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How They’re House Design Will Save Them Thousands of Dollars per Year

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This is the story of Madelyn and Caleb and their van that they imported from Japan. They spent two months renovating it, and hit the road! It’s a 1993 Toyota van that they completely refurbished inside-out. It has a happy and vintage look to it and I think they did a really nice job of personalizing it for themselves.

So far, they’ve been on the road for over 5 months and love it! They’re traveling with their cat and are enjoying a once in a lifetime experience they will likely cherish forever. You can follow them on @patchworkcanteen on Instagram! What do you think of their bus and lifestyle? Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

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Couple Import Toyota Van From Japan, Spend 2 Months Converting It, And Have Been Living/Traveling In It For Over 5 Months

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This is the story of Travis and Destoni’s school bus tiny home, online they are known as Sloth High Five (Instagram). Prior to embracing the bus life, they were deep in debt, working like crazy, and feeling like they were not making any forward progress. That’s when they decided to throw away the “rules” that they had been taught.

So they made some bold moves… They sold their home, took the equity and paid off their debt and used what was left over to buy and build out the school bus which cost them approximately $19,000. Now they get to travel quite a lot, and to make money, they simply stop in places they love and take seasonal jobs. This is what they’ve been doing for about a year, and so far, they absolutely love it. Be sure to watch the full video tour and interview with them below thanks to our friends over at the Tiny Home Tours YouTube Channel.

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Couple Sell House in Florida, Pay Off Debt, And Build A School Bus Conversion For $19k

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This is the story of a couple in their 30’s who are mortgage and debt-free after building their own DIY tiny house on wheels. According to the Tiny Home Tours/YouTube interview and tour, it took them about 9 months to build and they have been living in it for over two years now.

They even added an amazing deck to expand their living space outside. This really makes having friends over nice, doesn’t it? Way to go Ericka and Jason for going tiny and being debt-free in your 30’s! That’s the way to do it!

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30’s Couple Mortgage And Debt-free After Building Their Own Tiny Home

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This is the story of Sheena, Nate, and their Dog Luna who live in their bus ‘Stud’.

Sheena and Nate met while Nate was living van-life. Sheena was always interested in van-life, but was nervous to jump in as a solo female. She and Nate hit it off and she moved into the van pretty quickly.

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Couple And Their Dog Living In Short Bus Skoolie Named Stud

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