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Tiny House Engage is a cozy, quality online environment to learn more about tiny house living. And you’re invited to join!

The private group is led by Ethan Waldman and is probably the best place to connect with a limited amount of like-minded people and learn more about tiny living. And you get access to other experts too (not just Ethan – who designed, built, and has been living tiny for years now). Yes, there’s access to expert contractors too if you have specific/custom questions. But there is also a huge library of resources. It’s pretty awesome.

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What Is Tiny House Engage?

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Screenshot via TheTinyHouse.net / Tiny House Engage

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This is to announce that the first model tiny home is en route to the Hiatus Tiny House Community in Bend, Oregon by Tongue & Groove Homes, according to a recent email from Tiny SMART House.

We’re happy to report that the Hiatus model home is complete and has made its way to Bend, Oregon. As requested, we’ve included some finished photos below!

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The Incredible Hiatus Tiny House by Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes for their Cottage Community/Development in Bend, Oregon – Built by Tiny SMART House

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This is a woodsy, lakefront tiny cabin getaway in Charlotte, North Carolina. The home can accommodate up to six guests. There are two bedrooms, one bathroom, and there’s also a sleeping loft with two single air mattresses.

The living room features a comfortable sofa and a wall-mounted flat screen television. The kitchen has a refrigerator, sink, coffee maker, and a microwave. There’s a table with seating for four. The patio has a barbeque grill and overlooks Lake Wylie. The community has boat ramps, beach access, a campfire spot, Adirondack chairs, a barbecue patio, and a pool.

Lakefront Tiny Cabin Vacation in Charlotte, North Carolina in a Two Bedroom Tiny Cabin

Lakefront Tiny Cabin Vacation in Charlotte 001

Images via Glamping Hub

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This is a new off-grid tiny house community at the Ford Ranch in Southern Oregon.

The property owners are offering parking on their organic cattle ranch of 5,500 acres for tiny houses.

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below!

New Off-Grid Tiny House Parking in Oregon


Images © Ford Ranch Oregon

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I had to show you these awesome little cabins at Snug Harbor Resort in Friday Harbor, Washington.

It’s a place to enjoy vacation time with friends and family but as soon as I saw it I thought how great it would be to see a tiny house community built like this. The cabins are designed and built by Pan Abode Homes with the Phx Horizon View design. Please enjoy below.

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Community of Little Cabins at Snug Harbor Resort


Images © PanabodeHomes & Snug Harbor Resort

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I thought I’d share this tiny house community that’s been around for more than 100 years in Toronto with you.

It started many years ago when for less than 100 dollars you could buy a lot and you were sold the lumber to build your own home.

It is located in Craven Road in Toronto and the houses are all under 500 square feet.

Tiny house community in Toronto that’s more than 100 years old

A secret little community of tiny cottages in Toronto that's over 100 years old

Photo Credit: Rick Madonik/Toronto Star

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To me, it’s not common to get to see so many different styles of tiny houses in one place.

In this case, we’ve got a Spanish style home, a little cottage, an Asian-inspired tiny house and a really small Spanish style adobe cottage.

And they’re all tiny or at least “small” in my opinion. But enough talking, let me have you look for yourself below.

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Diverse Tiny House Community

diverse tiny house community

Photo Credit Airbnb.com

More photos and information below:
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The other day a reader sent me an email with a few photos of a park model tiny house that he ran into while driving.

This park model tiny home had just moved into a trailer park where he happens to drive by regularly.

This excited him so much (I would be too) that he stopped and took a few photos (which I’m sharing below). Thanks for the pictures, Troy!

So this got me thinking… Whatever happened to the idea of park model tiny houses and communities? Don’t these already exist? Why aren’t we making something happen here? Why aren’t we at least talking about it?

Park Model Tiny House Communities

Park Model Tiny House Communities Photo by Troy B.

Photo by Troy B.

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My idea for this post on the tiny house movement and building social infrastructure for it took a few twists and turns before it became the finished product you’re about to read.

It started with this video, featuring Dee Williams of Portland Alternative Dwellings and the folks from Boneyard Studios in DC.

Something that Dee said really stuck with me, though I imagine that most just let the statement go by.

She said, “the relationships that I have developed by living small have really surprised me. All of a sudden I’ve got a different relationship with the sun, I’ve got a different relationship to my friends, a different relationship with the food co-op, and the library and the Laundromat and all of these spaces and resources that I don’t think I put too much thought into before and now all of a sudden those people and places they make my life possible and they give me a sense of home.”

Dee Williams at Tiny House Workshop

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