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You might remember our post on VanLab from a couple of years ago, and since then the company has expanded its offerings. It most recently released this super simple IKEA-style kitchen and bed kit that fits easily into 76 different SUVs!

The kit goes in without any fasteners, so it can be removed without causing any damage to the vehicle. This means, if you want to try out nomadic life without a big commitment, you can hit the road in an afternoon! The kitchen kit alone starts at $1,950, and it’s an additional $400 to get the bed section. To get it with cushions, it’s a grand total of $2,800 (but at the moment, the cushions are sold out). What do you think of this system?

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Fit Out Your SUV Starting at $1,950

VanLab Releases Compact SUV Conversion Kit 12

Images via VanLab

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Mindy is one incredible woman! She purchased her 2003 Honda Element in 2008 to use for her catering business, and in 2022 she decided to convert it into a camper for travel. When her home sold in just 24 hours, she decided to just live full-time in her rig until she found the perfect piece of land to settle down on.

She’s been on the road for 19 months, living out of just 35 square feet. Even with all the upgrades she’s made to make her rig, she’s only spent $5.5K on the conversion and her 20-year-old vehicle is still going strong. You’re going to love seeing the way she’s meticulously designed her home on wheels to fit everything she needs, and nothing she doesn’t.

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Full-Time Living in 35 Sq. Ft. in her SUV

Over 50, Living in Her Honda Element!

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Rosa is one incredible person! While some people might be able to live out of a car for a season, Rosa has done it for six years and has no intentions of stopping. For the first five years, she did a mix of seasonal work and gig work, but her YouTube channel took off enough last year that she’s able to do that full-time now.

She lives in her Honda Element and “converted” the vehicle for under $200 with some lumber from Home Depot. Her set-up is zip-tied into the back so she could remove it if she ever wanted to resell the car. You’ll love her low-budget conversion and amazing outlook on life below.

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How She’s Been Car Camping Since 2017

She’s Been Living Out of Her Honda Element for Six Years! 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Have you ever considered turning your car or compact station wagon into a micro cabin? Then consider how this man made his Skoda Octavia vehicle into a micro-camper!

He started out by simply folding down the backseats to create room for the custom camping equipment that he built for the car. It consists of a sink, storage, and a sleeping platform. See how it all works below!

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Turning his Station Wagon into a Micro Camper

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Just when I think I’ve seen the tiniest living quarters, someone like Jimmy comes along and completely astonishes me! You might think someone living out of their car must have a messy, packed-full vehicle, but not Jimmy. Everything inside his Tesla has a home and is perfectly organized to maximize space and efficiency.

He even built in a cool storage system in the back which allows him to pull out his kitchen set up (that includes a sink, grill and even “running” water). Somehow he carefully included everything he needed and absolutely nothing more or less into his design. Check it out!

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Living out of his Super-Organized Tesla Tiny House

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This is Jono’s handbuilt truck camper.

He and his father built it together, and you can see the entire construction process on Flickr.

Please enjoy, read more and re-share below.

Jono’s Hand-built Truck Micro Camper


Images via Jono

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This is the story of someone who’s been living in a Toyota Prius for 5,000 miles.

Have you ever thought of converting your car into a micro camper for traveling?

It certainly isn’t the most comfortable thing to do in the world, but could the adventure be worth it?

Would love to read about your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Living in a Toyota Prius for 5,000 Miles

Living in a Toyota Prius 001

© RosiPov.com

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This 112 Sq. Ft. Yellow Box Truck Tiny House and Office is a guest post by Sandy Caswell – share yours too!

This big yellow truck was born a 1998 E350 Ryder Moving Van with a Triton V8 under the hood and a 16-foot box. My husband, sons and I converted it to my mobile home/office.

We added a 30-inch patio with fold down steps onto the back. After we insulated and paneled it, the interior dimensions are 7.5 x 15 feet = 112.5 sq. ft.

It is wired for electric but there is no running water. I discovered that by cutting my hair short, I can wash it and my entire body in 1 gallon of water warmed in the microwave oven. To go to the bathroom, I use a 6-gallon pail, lined with a heavy black plastic bag into which I scoop cedar shavings.

I live in it about 6 months out of the year, traveling from festivals to glamping rallies and visiting friends and family. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Sandy’s 112 Sq. Ft. Yellow Box Truck Tiny House

Sandy's 112 Sq. Ft. Yellow Box Truck Tiny House

Images © Sandy Caswell

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Art Cormier lives in a tiny house on wheels. But when he travels, he doesn’t take it with him. It’s too heavy. So in this video, he’s going to show you how he turns his VW station wagon into a tiny RV. And you can use his ideas to turn your car, station wagon, or minivan into a tiny motorhome too!

By the way, Art also teaches other people how to design and build tiny houses on wheels at Tumbleweed’s tiny house workshops throughout the country in case you’re interested.

If you want to learn how Art uses his VW station wagon as a micro motorhome when he goes on trips or travels on the road then enjoy the video below. And would you consider turning your current car into a micro RV? Let us know in the comments. Thank you!

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Car Camping In A Station Wagon


Images © Art Cormier

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