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Ready for a light-hearted tour of a great tiny house? JP from Minimaliste has such a fun way of introducing us to the company’s latest builds, and this tour is no exception (there’s even a surprise visitor!).

Built for a specific customer, the Peuplier features a split loft with space for parents and a baby, as well a very safe and storage-loaded staircase that takes you up there. The u-shaped seating area doubles as a second bed area, and there’s a kitchen with stainless steel countertops and even a stainless steel shower stall in the bathroom!

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This Tiny House Has Hooks for Aerial Yoga!

Tiny house on wheels: The Peuplier

Images via Minimaliste

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This is Andréanne and Nathaniel’s Tiny House built by Lumbec Inc.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

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Couple’s Lumbec Tiny Home on Wheels!

Images via Lumbec Inc.

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Last week we showed you La Contemporaine by Vivre en Mini. Here’s another model by the Quebec company called “La Puce” or “The Chip.”

This itty bitty home is only 8 ft. wide by 12 feet long and includes all the basics: A loft bedroom, porch, bedroom, bathroom and even a place to sit and eat dinner. It’s built as a four-season RV, and is “ultra mobile” according to the builder. Just to make it more fun, it features primary-colored siding on the outside. This one isn’t currently for sale, but they could build you one just like it.

Enjoy the pictures below!

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La Puce: “The Chip” 8’x12′ THOW by Vivre en Mini

Images via Vivre en Mini

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This is a 24′ Blackbird Tiny Homes THOW that the company built recently in Alberta, Canada.

It’s a custom-built home based on the company’s Crow Model, but has been modified. The exterior is sleek pine tongue and groove with a black metal roof, and when you step inside you’ll find an under-loft living room, awesome storage stairs and a sleek, modern kitchen you’ll love to cook in.

Enjoy the pictures and get more details and builder contact information below!

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24′ Blackbird Tiny Homes THOW

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This is an Upper Mohawk Point THOW for sale in Ontario.

It comes with both a loft sleeping area and a 7 ft 8 in x 7 ft 3 in the master bedroom on the ground level, allowing you to sleep without climbing steps! The kitchen includes a small oven, a larger refrigerator, and a beautiful tile backsplash. I love that there’s space for a sectional in the living room and the faux stone fireplace makes the whole place so warm.

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Upper Mohawk Point THOW For Sale (Downstairs Bedroom!)

Upper Mohawk Point Tiny House with Main Floor Bedroom

Images via Realtor

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As promised, this is the Nova Scotia Small Home floor plan by Robinson Residential.

It’s the first of 13 Canada-inspired designs by John Robinson, and you can purchase the plans you’ll see below on his website here. He wrote us:

Nova Scotia is one of the eastern maritime provinces and know for it’s picturesque ocean views and historic townsites. The Nova Scotia plan is an interpretation of an iconic light house, which still remain along the Atlantic coast. The main floor includes a compact kitchen, dining area with a window seat, and a ¾ bathroom. We have maximized built-in storage where ever possible. The second floor is the bedroom, which has space for a washer/dryer, closet and built in cabinetry. On the top floor we designed wrap around windows and built in seating with storage underneath. Imagine the panoramic vies of sunrises and sunsets from this space…We can modify these plans to suit particular situations as well.

Enjoy the designs below and buy the plans here.

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The Nova Scotia: Small Home Plans

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This is the gorgeous Blue Heron Tiny House on Wheels by Rewild Homes that’s currently for sale in British Columbia.

Rewild describes their build: “Stunning beamwork, a cozy woodstove, and a full solar panel and battery package compliment this off-grid craftsman cabin.” I just love how this cabin-style can still be so light and airy. At 24 ft. long, it’s spacious but still certainly “tiny.”

Want to purchase the house? Have more questions? Contact Rewild Homes herePrice and additional details on the last page.

Enjoy the pictures below!

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Blue Heron Rewild Home For Sale

Images via Rewild Homes

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Today I’m introducing Red Door Tiny Homes, a new tiny house builder in Canada.

You might remember this house from our story of Josh, who started building his own tiny home (debt-free!) at 18 years old. He’s older now, lives in his itty bitty dwelling, and is now ready to build homes for you.

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Red Door Tiny Homes: Tiny Home Builder in Canada

Images via Red Door Tiny Homes

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If you’ve ever thought of a chemical free tiny house for yourself or for someone you know, I think you’ll really like this post.

Corinne, the tiny home owner, experiences bad reactions to chemicals. So she built a little home that’s chemical-free with carefully chosen materials. Instead of creating her own plans, she simply went with the 8×20 Leaf House plans which incorporates a modern design and is specifically engineered for cold climates in the north.

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Woman’s Chemical Free Tiny House in Canada


Images © My Chemical Free House

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