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La Puce: “The Chip” 8’x12′ THOW by Vivre en Mini

Last week we showed you La Contemporaine by Vivre en Mini. Here’s another model by the Quebec company called “La Puce” or “The Chip.”

This itty bitty home is only 8 ft. wide by 12 feet long and includes all the basics: A loft bedroom, porch, bedroom, bathroom and even a place to sit and eat dinner. It’s built as a four-season RV, and is “ultra mobile” according to the builder. Just to make it more fun, it features primary-colored siding on the outside. This one isn’t currently for sale, but they could build you one just like it.

Enjoy the pictures below!

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La Puce: “The Chip” 8’x12′ THOW by Vivre en Mini

Images via Vivre en Mini

Tiny kitchen with a mini-fridge and a surprising amount of storage.

Just look at the other wall! So much space to hide stuff.

Here’s the snug loft bed. Cute choice of bedding!

The sliding barn door leads into the little bathroom.

Here’s a look at the inside of those amazing storage cabinets.

Here’s a spot to eat or work. The red folding chairs are great.

Composting toilet and more storage in the bathroom.

Here’s a better look. The wainscoting on the walls is beautiful.

How fun! The three colors of matching tiles in the shower.

Those are fun and different little towel hangers!

Your view when walking into the bathroom.

Here’s La Puce on the move!

Images via Vivre en Mini

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Interested in a tiny house like this one? Contact Vivre en Mini on their website here.


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{ 12 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Keith Couture

    What a nice job. I love all the space. Nice job.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      I’m glad you like it 🙂

    • Avatar jerry

      What space? There is no space to live in with just 2 folding chairs and a tiny low headroom loft bed/coffin.
      In a unit this size the toilet should be in the shower and the kitchen next to it at one end leaving the rest for whatever one needs, the roof flat so more headroom, easier, cheaper to build, a settee/couch/storage/bed or 1-2 recliners or comfortable chairs.
      But one needs a comfortable place to sit and sleep and this has neither, not even for 1 person, much less 2.
      If you are going to have a loft, use just 3 steps into an against the wall walkway that the bed is 2′ high than with a settee, 2 recliners under it with TV, etc across from it of your choice plus a fair amount of storage both above and below in just 5-7’x 7.5′ wide
      Now a 2.5’x 3′ head, shower, even tub solves that with storage over it.
      All that comfort, decent headroom over the bed in just 5′-7′ long.
      That leads 5′-7′ for any combination of storage, desk, more sitting room, another couch bed, kitchen you desire.

  • Avatar Frances

    I love this little house. Could you give any kind of an estimate of cost?

  • Avatar James D.

    If anyone asks them to build one, I’d advise making one key modification…

    Add a skylight to the loft… Not only will it make it less claustrophobic, but it will allow a means to get some ventilation (there’s none in the house except for the bathroom vent and the windows), and a means to have a emergency egress point in case of fire…

    Though, a place to cook might be worth asking about too…

  • Avatar Claude

    There is so much you can put in 8 x 12, I would rather sleep in the shower than in the loft!

  • Avatar Freddie

    How much is The Chip as shown on the Tinyhousetalk
    Thank you,

  • Avatar Mr. Lonnie

    cute! loft does need to breath a bit though.

  • Avatar Tom Osterdock

    This is an interesting house. I asked the company for a floor-plan of the trailer. I already got it back. very interesting. They have two versions at this time. 8×12 and 8×15. The 15 footer has a 4 burner cook stove in it. I think James idea for a skylight would be a real good idea especially for egress and ventilation.

  • Avatar Sabrina

    I love it.

  • Avatar Lauren Rizzuto


    I clicked the link to get info a d its all in French!! Is there another way to get plans and pricing info?

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