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Donelle’s father left her some lovely property by a marsh, and she had promised him she’d do something great with it — so she had a lovely little cottage built on it, and plans on having a treehouse built in the future!

This 320 sq. ft. cottage has a garage underneath and the living space up top. It’s studio-style with a queen bed on one end and the kitchen on the other. A little bathroom with a tub finishes off the space. What do you think?

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320 sq. ft. Cottage in South Carolina

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Tucked in the forest of the Cascades, near plenty of hiking opportunities, hides this cozy cabin dubbed the “Cyclops” for its giant round window. There’s a covered front porch that leads you inside to a quaint tiny home just perfect for a couple’s vacation near Index, Washington.

There’s a comfortable couch, compact kitchenette, loft bedroom, and a 3/4 bathroom hiding beneath the dramatic sloping roofline. A fire pit outside gives you a place to relax after a long day of exploring the outdoors. What do you like about this one?

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Cozy Woodland Getaway Near Hiking

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Remember Matt & Erin, the awesome couple that owns a historic 1800s cabin? Well, they also recently completed this stunning modern cottage, which is available on Airbnb now! It sits on seven acres of woodland on Fleets Island in Virginia.

The cottage has two bedrooms and glorious lofted ceilings in the great room. There’s a full L-shaped kitchen and a special lounge room in the loft. You can also use the deck for meals or morning coffee. What’s your favorite part?

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Beautiful 2-Bedroom Cottage with Great Room

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This couple was in the process of building their first Airbnb back in 2019 when this stunning late 1800s cabin went on the market in Virginia — complete with 50 acres! After touring the cabin, they fell in love, purchased it, and got it visitor-ready as quickly as possible.

The lovely spot has a fireplace, romantic upstairs bedroom, functional kitchen, and beautifully-curated decor. The 50 acres of surrounding woodlands make it the perfect place to explore and enjoy time in nature. What do you think? The owners tell their acquisition story below!

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Cozy & Comfortable Appomattox River Cabin

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Now this is a unique vacation home with such amazing geometric features that you’re sure to find fascinating. The bed alone is worth a whole article — it’s a dome with interesting shelves that take you up to the mattress area!

The defining feature of the home is a huge circular window that’s “folded” in the corner, providing views of the beautiful woods surrounding the home. There’s also a grand kitchen, and sleeping for four! Let us know what you think. The home was designed by architect Steven Holl, and he calls it, “Ex of In House.” You can watch a video about how he came up with the design below.

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Architect Steven Holl’s Woodland Creation

Ex of In House Geometric Wonder in the woods.jpg 3

Images via Airbnb/Sarah

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This French Cabin was handbuilt by the host, Mattheiu, and he did a lovely job! The two-story structure features a living/kitchen/bathroom on the first floor, and a ladder takes you up to the loft bedroom with plenty of headroom.

The exterior features stunning board and batten clapboarding, and there’s a shaded private terrace where you can eat or enjoy a glass of wine. You are truly secluded here! What do you think of the design?

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Board and Batten Handbuilt Cabin Vacation

Gorgeous French Cabin in the Wild

Images by Airbnb/Matthieu

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Remember Jesse? The 17-year-old who was living in a tent (on purpose) and decided to build his own cabin from reclaimed materials? Well, it’s been five years since Florb’s last interview with Jesse, and guess what — Jesse is still living in his DIY cabin, now with girlfriend Jayne.

They’ve made plenty of adjustments to the cabin to make it couple-friendly, but they’ve also taken advantage of the land they’re on by building a screen house, sauna and pizza oven to expand their living space. It’s quite the awesome off-grid set up!

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Their Off-Grid Set-Up with Cabin, Sauna & Screen House

He Built This Cabin at 17 – 5 Year Update (He has a GF Now!) 4

Images by FLORB/YouTube

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This is a cozy and romantic grey chalet in the Hudson Valley of New York. The home has warm wood-paneled ceilings and whitewashed wood floors for contrast. The queen bed is on the first floor, divided by a sheer curtain.

In one corner there’s a full kitchen with lovely blue tile, and through a barn door, you’ll find a full bathroom as well. A ladder takes you up to a lounge loft where you could hang out and read a book. It would make a really great full-time residence with a little more storage.

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Tiny Chalet Cabin with a Farmhouse Kitchen

Grey Chalet

Images via Jeddah/Airbnb

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From the outside, this “couplespod” might seem a bit futuristic or even plain, but inside it’s a gorgeous modern hideaway with breathtaking mountain and water views.

It’s set up with a full bathroom and kitchen, and the bedroom looks out of a large picture window at the lake. Need to relax? Head out the back of the pod and sit in the soaking tub surrounded by a lush bamboo privacy screen. What do you think of this design with a ground-floor bedroom?

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Modern Pod Cabin with Water and Mountain Views

Couplespod at Riverstone House 18

Images via Candice/Airbnb

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