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While the “tiny house movement” might be relatively new, the concept of small homes has been around since the beginning of time. This 100+-year-old cabin in Alberta is one of those historic tiny homes, originally built for fur trading in the area near Ghost Lake.

It’s been upgraded with electricity and modern plumbing, and a wood stove provides heat on snowy evenings. There’s a sink and toilet inside the cabin, and a shower and laundry at a nearby building. A kitchenette allows you to cook simple meals during your stay.

  • Explore a 100+ yr-old log cabin near Ghost Lake, Alberta
  • Vintage charm meets modern comfort in a historic fur trading cabin
  • Experience the Rocky Mountains’ beauty with a rustic luxury getaway

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Alberta Fur Trade Cabin Near Ghost Lake

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 15

Images via Airbnb/Mike

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This rustic cabin on Bramley Mountain in New York has been named the “Owl Nest” and it’s easy to see why. Tucked in a clearing among hundreds and thousands of trees, this two-story home with a covered porch welcomes weary travelers for a weekend retreat.

Downstairs, there’s a quaint kitchen and living room facing a large wood-burning stove. An L-shaped staircase heads upstairs, where there are two cozy bedrooms. A bathroom inside the cabin has a cast-iron tub for you to soak in. What’s your favorite feature of this cabin?

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Small Cabin with Cozy Wood-Burning Stove in New York

Brushland’s Owl Nest 4

Images via Sohail/Airbnb

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Daymon did a lot of research about other eco retreats and glamping resorts and found the biggest complaint across the board was with the bathhouses. So he determined to win the bathhouse war and make the nicest glamping showers you’ve ever seen! They have endless hot water, multiple shower heads, exposed copper piping, and mirrors, yet still retain a rustic charm with sinks carved out of wood slabs.

Byrd Creek is an amazing glamping resort filled with tiny cabins built from wood, which felled on the property and hewn by a local sawmill. There’s a community kitchen on site as well, and the creek is perfect for tubing!

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Beautiful Tiny Glamping Cabins in Tennessee

Does This Econolodge Have the Best Bathhouse Ever

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Here’s an amazing off-grid A-frame for artists and dreamers and anyone looking for a relaxing vacation that’s a step up from camping. The A-frame is actually two A-frames, connected by a “normal” square that has a rooftop deck.

The house sits on a large acreage where there are a number of other off-grid accommodations and shared spaces, including an outdoor kitchen, lots of picnic tables, and a shared fire pit. There are communal composting toilets and a solar shower. Take a look below!

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A-Frame Built From Reclaimed Barn Wood

Artist A Frame

Images via Airbnb/Laura

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Donelle’s father left her some lovely property by a marsh, and she had promised him she’d do something great with it — so she had a lovely little cottage built on it, and plans on having a treehouse built in the future!

This 320 sq. ft. cottage has a garage underneath and the living space up top. It’s studio-style with a queen bed on one end and the kitchen on the other. A little bathroom with a tub finishes off the space. What do you think?

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320 sq. ft. Cottage in South Carolina

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Tucked in the forest of the Cascades, near plenty of hiking opportunities, hides this cozy cabin dubbed the “Cyclops” for its giant round window. There’s a covered front porch that leads you inside to a quaint tiny home just perfect for a couple’s vacation near Index, Washington.

There’s a comfortable couch, compact kitchenette, loft bedroom, and a 3/4 bathroom hiding beneath the dramatic sloping roofline. A fire pit outside gives you a place to relax after a long day of exploring the outdoors. What do you like about this one?

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Cozy Woodland Getaway Near Hiking

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Remember Matt & Erin, the awesome couple that owns a historic 1800s cabin? Well, they also recently completed this stunning modern cottage, which is available on Airbnb now! It sits on seven acres of woodland on Fleets Island in Virginia.

The cottage has two bedrooms and glorious lofted ceilings in the great room. There’s a full L-shaped kitchen and a special lounge room in the loft. You can also use the deck for meals or morning coffee. What’s your favorite part?

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Beautiful 2-Bedroom Cottage with Great Room

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This couple was in the process of building their first Airbnb back in 2019 when this stunning late 1800s cabin went on the market in Virginia — complete with 50 acres! After touring the cabin, they fell in love, purchased it, and got it visitor-ready as quickly as possible.

The lovely spot has a fireplace, romantic upstairs bedroom, functional kitchen, and beautifully-curated decor. The 50 acres of surrounding woodlands make it the perfect place to explore and enjoy time in nature. What do you think? The owners tell their acquisition story below!

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Cozy & Comfortable Appomattox River Cabin

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Now this is a unique vacation home with such amazing geometric features that you’re sure to find fascinating. The bed alone is worth a whole article — it’s a dome with interesting shelves that take you up to the mattress area!

The defining feature of the home is a huge circular window that’s “folded” in the corner, providing views of the beautiful woods surrounding the home. There’s also a grand kitchen, and sleeping for four! Let us know what you think. The home was designed by architect Steven Holl, and he calls it, “Ex of In House.” You can watch a video about how he came up with the design below.

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Architect Steven Holl’s Woodland Creation

Ex of In House Geometric Wonder in the woods.jpg 3

Images via Airbnb/Sarah

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