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This is a beautiful tiny cottage built by a mother/daughter duo called the Quintessential Laneway House.

It’s a laneway house in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by SmallWorks. The small house features one bedroom, one bathroom, and a large open space for living, cooking, dining, and entertaining.

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Mother/Daughter Build Beautiful Quintessential Laneway House in Vancouver… It’s The Little House You Wish You Had😍

Beautiful Tiny Cottage Built by Mother/Daughter Duo

Images © SmallWorks

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This is the Valdes Island Shack that was built in 2015 by Josh Dunford, founder of Burnkit.

It’s a beautiful tiny cabin in British Columbia, Canada designed by Hinterland Design. What do you think of it?

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The Valdes Island Shack: An Off-Grid Tiny Cabin with Rainwater System

Valdes Island Shack by Hinterland Design 001

Images © Lucas Finlay

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This is the Keva Tiny Cabin on a foundation in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

It’s a beautiful little home that was actually built on a trailer but then they removed it and put it on a foundation once they got it on site. Pretty interesting, right?

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Keva Tiny House on a Foundation with a Covered Deck in Salt Spring Island

Keva Tiny Cabin on a Foundation Originally Built on a Trailer 001

Images © Keva Tiny House

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