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Looking for a sweet glamping option? The solar-powered Camp365 from GoSun is a crazy-cool pop-up camper that will take you anywhere and provide a cozy upgrade to your typical tent camping.

What do you think of this? Is it the future of camping?

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Forget A Pop-Up Tent: It’s a Pop-Up Camper!

GO Sun Camp365. 7

Images via Go Sun

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This couple and their dog have been living in this amazing vintage 1964 Avion Trailer. It was a DIY conversion, and Keaton (a woodworker) stripped the RV down to the shell and framing, and completely overhauled the interior.

After spending a few years enjoying this tiny space, the couple is ready to purchase a home and hopes to pass this awesome trailer on to new owners. It’s located in Seattle and they are asking $87,500. Read their conversion story below!

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Super Sleek Camper Renovation for $87,500

vintage 1964, 24′ Avion Trailer

Images via Tincan Cookin

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This 1970 Avion Ultra Travel Trailer is for sale in Pennsylvania.

It seems to be in good condition and includes a wood stove, propane heater, and a working 8-track player. The asking price is $12,000. What do you think?

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This 1970 Avion Ultra Travel Trailer Is a Must-See for Vintage Lovers

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This is a 1974 Silver Streak travel trailer turned into a modern tiny house on wheels — and it’s for sale.

In 2020, it was fully remodeled and modernized but it still retains its original character. It’s listed for $50,000 out of Silverton, Oregon. Learn more below!

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Remodeled 1974 Silver Streak Vintage Travel Trailer

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It’s always a joy to meet people like Linda, a true gem who worked hard to make her tiny home dreams come true! Today, she is going to walk us through her story about how she converted a run-down trailer and made it home. I’ll let her take the wheel…

For the price of a used car I found my first home a rundown trailer with no functioning parts, Uninhabitable at that and for the last 2.5 years, I have been cutting, digging, cleaning, designing, planting, buying and selling furniture from Day 1 to now. I have finally found what is the perfect dream home in a 450 Sq Ft Tiny Trailer. Who needs Barbie’s beach house? I would rather live Tiny in my PNK*DMD….

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Her ‘Hyline Hilton’ Park Model Tiny Home

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Back in 2017, Hannah’s dad told her about the railroad trailers she could get at auction. She was only willing to bid $350 on one, and lo and behold she won the bidding! She then worked hard to renovate the trailer and make it into an artsy, cozy home on wheels.

The house was built out on a budget — she kept the entire thing under $6,000! But she didn’t sacrifice style or functionality. There’s a trundle bed that tucks under her living room floor, a galley kitchen for making all her meals, and her bathroom has a spacious shower that makes her feel at home. She’s onto a new adventure now, however, so the railroad trailer is now for sale on Marketplace.

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She bid $350 on this railroad trailer, won the bid, and turned it into a $6k tiny home!

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When this couple wanted to renovate their family home, they moved their four kids (under age five!) into a renovated RV to wait out the home construction. Despite its challenges, the family wasn’t as eager to let go of tiny living as they imagined they would be when the renovations were complete.

That’s when they got the idea to continue renovating RVs as work, and they do such a gorgeous job! Not only do they take out the dated and grungy, but they also don’t just replace it with lifeless white and grey — instead, their RV conversions are bursting with color and character! Their latest one, pictured below, is currently for sale.

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Five Talents Homes Gives RVs New Life

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While waiting for an entirely-custom luxury tiny house can be rewarding, it’s not always practical. That’s why Tru Form Tiny is now offering pre-built economy units that are efficient and affordable — but still gorgeous! Available as 18 and 22-foot models, they have a Scandinavian feel that’s sure to make you feel at home.

Right now, there’s is one M2 left available for delivery in June, but they are accepting orders for our next M2 build for delivery within a four-month timeline. These units feature a loft bedroom, compact kitchenette, and 3/4 bathroom. The shorter unit is $84,350, while the longer one is $93,250.

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Pre-Built 18′ and 22′ Tiny Homes by Tru Form

ALL NEW 2022 M2 travel trailer 41

Images via Tru Form Tiny

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You might remember Le’shaun’s hit rap single “Doin’ It” which she recorded with LL Cool J. Her first taste of tiny living was on the tour bus she lived on while traveling around the country. But eventually, she became the owner of a 2700 square foot house where she and her daughter lived during her daughter’s pregnancy.

When her daughter moved out, Le’shaun was interested in doing something different — so she DIYed a tiny house from a toy hauler/cargo trailer! But the self-proclaimed “undercover treehugger” didn’t sacrifice her style to go tiny. You’ll find a mini chandelier, a velvet love seat, and all kinds of glamorous special touches which reflect her personality and make her little space a home.

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Utterly Glamorous DIY Cargo Trailer Conversion

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