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You might remember Le’shaun’s hit rap single “Doin’ It” which she recorded with LL Cool J. Her first taste of tiny living was on the tour bus she lived on while traveling around the country. But eventually, she became the owner of a 2700 square foot house where she and her daughter lived during her daughter’s pregnancy.

When her daughter moved out, Le’shaun was interested in doing something different — so she DIYed a tiny house from a toy hauler/cargo trailer! But the self-proclaimed “undercover treehugger” didn’t sacrifice her style to go tiny. You’ll find a mini chandelier, a velvet love seat, and all kinds of glamorous special touches which reflect her personality and make her little space a home.

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Utterly Glamorous DIY Cargo Trailer Conversion

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Cargo trailers make a great blank canvas for tiny home conversions. Unlike vans, they feature straight sides which are usually easier to insulate/frame. This couple did an awesome job making their trailer a true home, including a bathroom.

They hang out on a futon from Amazon that turns into a comfortable Queen-sized bed. When it’s all folded up, they have desk space and a living room. The wife paints, and her art is the stunning focal point of the trailer.

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Queen Sized Bed, Nautical Design and Stunning Art!

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This is a Freedom Teardrop Trailer for sale on discount by Second Wind Trailers.

It’s available out of Roseville, California. The original cost for this unit is $22,370 with all of the upgrades on it, while a new one starts at $17,500. The asking price for this one, even with all of the upgrades, is $15,500. What do you think?

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2021 Freedom Teardrop Camper With Off-Road Package by Second Wind Trailers (For Sale)

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These are hand built teardrop campers by Second Wind Trailers. I first learned about Nathan Pizzo and his custom-built teardrop campers back in 2014, when he first reached out after building his first camper on a 5×8 trailer.

Fast forward to today, and he’s still building them while perfecting the process. If you’re in the market for a hand-built micro camper, definitely consider a teardrop from Second Wind Trailers. Which model do you like better, the Freedom (off-roader) or the Whisper (classic-style)?

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Hand-Built Teardrop Campers by Second Wind Trailers

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Jim is a professional carpenter who is taking his skills to the road in his DIY cargo trailer camper he now calls home. After selling his big house of 25 years, Jim spent two months working and living in his cargo trailer, making it into a stealthy rig with room for all of his wood-working tools!

He used five different types of wood in the build, including some veneer he’d been saving for the right project for about 15 years. During the past year, he’s kept asking himself why on earth he didn’t make the move to nomadic, tiny living sooner! Check out the Tiny Home Tours interview below.

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Carpenter’s Stealthy Cargo Trailer Tiny Home

He Used an ATV Winch To Create an Epic Murphy Bed in His Cargo Trailer Camper 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Well here’s an awesome build! This designer in Hawaii took a semi-truck trailer and made it into a fantastic tiny house on wheels. It has no loft and instead features a bedroom with a cedar-lined closet and plenty of room to walk around the bed.

The kitchen is the focal point of the house, with epoxy “ocean” countertops, a tile backsplash, and an industrial light fixture. There’s a roomy living space where you can fit a comfy couch, and the bathroom — accessible via a sliding barn door — has a flush toilet, tiled shower, and laundry hookups. It’s currently for sale in Hawaii for $99.5K on Tiny House Marketplace.

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THOW with Large Downstairs Bedroom for $99.5K

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This is a stealthy and RV-certified 28-ft. cargo trailer tiny house. Well, I call it stealth but at this point it’s pretty obvious that it’s an RV since it has added windows. But other than that, one could very well assume it is still some sort of work trailer. Sometimes these are built out with skylight windows for added stealthiness.

I don’t think I have ever come across a cargo-trailer build that is stated to be RV-certified. For some, that may not even matter, but if one ever plans on staying in a campground an RV certification may help increase the odds to be allowed to park and camp onsite with a tiny house like this. So take a look and let us know what you think! Is this a style that you would ever consider?

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28-ft. Stealth Cargo Tiny House For Sale in Florida

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I love seeing what people can do with limited resources! For just $3k, Michael was able to create a super cool house on wheels using mainly reclaimed materials. He even has a sun porch!

He uses his micro THOW to travel the US and stay for free on BLM land. He’s spent most of his time since he went tiny in December 2020 in Arizona.

Michael even managed to fit a shower into this 60 square foot home! Enjoy his photo tour below, and read all about his conversion at the end of the post.

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Just 60 Square Feet (Plus a Sunroom) Micro THOW DIY

Michael’s $3K Micro Trailer 7

Images via Michael

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This is a tiny house being built on an insulated semi-trailer.

It is being built now and will be up for sale soon. It’s located in Hawaii. What do you think of it so far?

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Insulated Semi-Trailer Tiny House Build In Hawaii

Tiny House Being Built In An Insulated Semi-Truck-Trailer in Hawaii 001

Images via Belinda Hamilton

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