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Big thanks to Dwayne for sharing these awesome 480 square foot homes that were built in the community of Orange Mound in Memphis, Tennessee. According to Wikipedia, this community was the first in the United States to be built by and for African Americans.

The homes have the same layout, but different elevations, and both sold for $55,000 (so affordable!). These one-bedroom, one-bathroom homes are new construction and show that small/tiny houses can be built on foundations!

What do you think?

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$55,000 Foundation Tiny Homes in Tennessee

480 sq feet memphis house 1 3

Images via Dwayne Jones

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Janet got in touch to show us her lovely 320 square foot foundation home that was built as an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) on her son’s property in Danville, Kentucky.

Although this tiny home wasn’t Janet’s “Plan A” for a retirement home, it ended up being the best one, she says. Now she lives in her happy L-shaped home just steps from her son and teenage granddaughters. She cooks family meals a couple times a week and yet has her own private space.

Thankfully Danville recently allowed for ADUs, giving Janet this great option for retirement! See pictures of her home and read her story at the end of the post.

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Janet’s Retirement Accessory Dwelling Unit in KY

Janet’s 320 Square Foot Foundation Home on her Son’s Property 6

Images via Janet

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Crystal is a self-proclaimed introvert who prefers living on her own, so she jumped at the opportunity to put down roots in the “middle-of-nowhere” Alaska in her own dry tiny cabin.

She purchased her basic shell about four years ago, and has used reclaimed, thrifted, and gifted materials to transform the place into her happy home. During the past 9 months she’s been adding a loft to the space and creating a master bedroom. Her next project will be getting a shallow well so she can have running water.

Her simple life has made her grateful for the little things — like electricity which she lived without for a whole year! Watch her interview with Tiny Home Tours below.

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She Lived Without Electricity for a Year!

Her Middle-of-Nowhere Alaska Tiny House on a Foundation

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Kris is a Tiny House Talk reader who was willing to share her gorgeous tiny home on a foundation in Alaska with us! It’s 500 square feet, and was built by a local contractor from a Sheldon Homes design (which, unfortunately, has gone out of business EDIT: We added layout sketches which you can see below). Kris owned the land the tiny sits on outright, and after a couple years of making payments on her home, now lives debt-free!

She moved from a city apartment with neighbors sharing her walls to her cozy home in the country with her own space where she can craft and garden. There’s even a stream that runs through her property and lulls her to sleep at night.

We got to ask her some questions about her tiny life, so be sure to read our Q&A with Kris at the end of the post!

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Her 500 Sq. Ft. Tiny Foundation Home

Kris Alaska Tiny House 5

Images via Kris Spencer

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Check out this adorable, rustic Old Hickory Tiny House on skids that’s for sale in Knoxville, TN. Built from some kind of house kit, this 384 square foot home has a metal roof, two porches (one detached) and two lofts.

Inside there’s a spacious living room that could easily double as a ground-floor sleeping area, as well as a kitchen and bathroom. One loft is great for storage, while the other could be used as a bedroom (although the ceilings are fairly low).

At $35,000, it’s hard to beat the price for something so finished — but keep in mind you’re responsible to pay for towing. Make an offer at Tiny House Marketplace here.

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384 Sq Ft Barn-Style Tiny House on Skids

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This is the Shotgun Tiny House on a foundation by Willowbee Tiny Homes.

It’s always fun to see a tiny home built on a foundation, isn’t it? This one is 14×35, so approximately 490-sq.-ft., right? You could call it tiny or small, it’s up to you. But what do you think, do you like it?

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14×35 Shotgun Tiny House by Willowbee Tiny Homes

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