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Mario wanted a way to travel stealthily but still have room to spread out when he found a campervan-friendly spot. So he designed it himself! Altogether, he spent about $40k (in Euros) on his unfolding box truck, doing some work himself and then hiring some freelancers to finish the job.

He used the best features and materials for his solar setup, heating/cooling systems, and water system to make sure the process of living on the road was as nice as possible. While you can fully use the campervan when it’s closed up, the front, back and side open up to create extra rooms! Tell us what you think.

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His $40K High Tech Box Truck Tiny Home

Unfolding Box Truck Goes from Stealthy to 350 sq. ft. Campervan

Images via Mario Karkalis

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Paul was ready to get away from the Pittsburg area and find a place with friendly and like-minded people who would want to talk to him — but he needed a way to support himself. A handyman at heart, he decided to build out a huge box truck, fill it will all (and I mean ALL) of his tools, a jacuzzi, a bed, and a microwave, and hit the road.

Paul has everything from a drill press to a table saw to tons of spare materials and a heavy vice grip loaded into his rig. He reuses the 50 gallons of water it takes to fill his jacuzzi with a meticulous chlorine + filtering process! You have never seen a conversion like this one.

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His Self-Built Motorhome is a Handyman’s Dream

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Jacob’s sister was driving this box truck as her daily driver but was eager to trade it for his Camry. Once Jacob had the box truck, he and Sam decided it would be great to have their own space and be able to travel. So they spent 8 months of nights and weekends crafting a lovely tiny house.

They chose to have a convertible bed that stays in dinette mode during the day and a galley kitchen with a propane stove and tiny sink. While they only use it in emergencies, they have a 24×24 wet bath as well as a micro closet for hanging clothing. What do you think?

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They Traded a Camry for a Box Truck & Started Living Tiny

Sam & Jacob’s DIY Boxtruck with Convertible Bed 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Back in 2018, Jasper had two choices: Van Life or Homelessness. He managed to find a box truck and outfit it to make it a home, but as soon as he got back on his feet he returned to “sticks and bricks.” That’s when he found himself quite unhappy and decided to revamp his box truck and make it an awesome condo on wheels.

Since this video aired, Jasper and his partner actually purchased a fifth wheel RV since they’re expecting a baby! Pretty cool that he’s still enjoying a nomadic life even as their family is growing. Still, his box truck conversion was (is) really neat and even included a full PC gaming area.

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From Homelessness to Epic Box Truck Condo

His Box Truck Condo with Full PC Gaming Set Up 10

Images by FLORB

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While most people choose #vanlife or #boxtruck life so they can travel the country and get to hard-to-access outdoorsy spots, Jason built out his box truck so he could fly under-the-radar, live in the city, and not pay rent while going to grad school.

From the outside, Jason’s truck looks like another utility truck, complete with a high-viz vest tossed up on the dash. But on the inside, you’d think this was a sleek city apartment with a high price tag! He has a great kitchen and giant desk area — and he’s never gotten a “knock” on his truck door!

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He’s in Grad School in the City Rent-Free!

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Check out this super neat box truck conversion that makes an awesome stealthy house on wheels. While the exterior looks like a typical industrial truck, inside you’ll find a homey wood interior that makes you feel extra cozy!

You’ll find all the basics inside, including a walnut bathroom closet, a fold out table and bench, and a little kitchenette with a water pump.

The seller is asking $24,995 for the build, but is open to offers. Contact him here.

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110 Sq. Ft. Box Truck Conversion For Sale in Illinois

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This is a ’95 Chevy G30 Box Truck RV conversion for sale.

Asking price is $5,999 and it’s currently located in Cape Coral, Florida.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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’95 Chevy G30 Box Truck RV For Sale

95 Chevy G30 DIY Box Truck Motorhome RV For Sale 001

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This is the story of how a couple took a box truck and turned it into their very own DIY tiny house. I guess you can also just call it a house truck, right?

In the video tour and interview below you’ll get to not only see their entire tiny home but you’ll also get a peek into what it’s like to live simply in a custom built house truck.

When this video was made they’d been living in it for about six months while traveling on the road. Would you ever live tiny in a house truck? Let us know in the comments. And either way please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Couple Living Simply in DIY Box Truck Tiny House

DIY Tiny House Truck

Images © LivingBiginaTinyHome

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Bill and Becky Goddard run Rustic Campers, a business dedicated to turning your camper, van and/or motorhome into the home sweet tiny home of your dreams. The couple has even turned a box truck into their own tiny home on wheels.

While many may think it impossible to live exclusively in a small motor home, Bill and Becky make the impossible very possible with their beautiful transformations. Take their converted Box Truck Camper, for example. Using locally sourced wood for most of the accents of their tiny dwelling, Bill and Becky created a practical living space complete with a fully functional kitchen, sitting area with breakfast nook, and bunk beds for a comfortable nights sleep. Becky, also the cofounder of the recycling textile business ‘Pretty Rubbish’ tries to only use natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and other recycled fabrics when picking out the upholstery for each of the custom camper vans.

Bill and Becky take pride in their creations and love to work closely with each of their clients to make sure that they leave as happy campers. Each project they work on is unique in it’s own way and customized to the customers liking and preferences. The Goddard’s are based in Welsh, border town of Presteigne.

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Couple Turn Box Truck into Tiny Home


Images © Rustic Campers

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