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We’ve shown you the Incred-i-Box from Incredible Tiny Homes, but you haven’t seen one like this yet! Here’s a version of the $25,000 tiny house all furnished and painted, so you can understand the great potential these affordable tiny homes have.

Matt and his girlfriend are seasoned vanlifers and lived in this Incred-i-Box for a month. Below, you can hear their honest review of the space (not sponsored by Randy or ITH) and enjoy a tour of all it’s amazing features. Want your own Incred-i-Box? Contact the builder here.

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Is The Incred-i-Box the Future of Affordable Housing?

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Get excited for this little gem! Today I’m showing you a simple THOW for under $22,000 — a price that is getting rarer and rarer these days. It’s understandably simple, but still includes all the necessities, such as a 3/4 bathroom and kitchenette.

The one-floor design (no lofts) puts the bed in the “living room” space, but with all the hide-a-bed and futon options out there, you could easily make this a dual-purpose space. Right now it’s located in Hogansville, GA — but maybe it’s your new home!

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Adorable Modern Farmhouse THOW

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There are tons of reason to go tiny: To reduce your footprint, to have location-independence, to simplify your life. But many people choose to go tiny for one very important reason: Saving money. Tiny living, especially if you have the skills to build your home yourself, can save you thousands of dollars!

So we at Tiny House Talk wanted to appreciate some of the amazing, yet inexpensive builds we’ve seen this year (both DIY and from companies) in our 2016’s Best THOWS Under $30K list.

Realted: Tiny House Talk’s 10 Favorite Tiny Houses on Wheels of 2016

2016’s Best THOWS Under $30K

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If you’ve been wanting an affordable tiny house you’re at the right place right now because Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders has created 160 sq. ft. tiny house plans just for that.

With these plans you can complete an 8’x20′ tiny home on wheels of your own for about $10k as long as you build it yourself. Not bad, right?

Well it gets even better because for a limited time Dan is giving away 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the plans to I Care Atlanta charity which helps end homelessness in the area.

And if that’s not good enough, it gets even better… You can pick your own price on the plans. Pay what you feel is right and what you can afford right now. Please enjoy and re-share below. And thanks for what you’re doing, Dan.

Update: Dan’s promotion is over. As far as I know, proceeds no longer go to charity and you cannot pick your own price on the plans. Sorry.

Build Your Tiny House for $10k: Affordable Tiny House Plans


Images © Tiny Home Builders

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