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This is the A45 tiny home. It’s a modern A-frame-inspired structure on a foundation designed by Bjarke Ingels with 180 sq. ft. of space inside.

A45 is the first prototype constructed in upstate New York and will be customizable inside and out for future home-owners to purchase, tailor and have the tiny house built within 4-6 months in any location, for any purpose.

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A45 A-frame Tiny Home by Bjarke Ingels

Klein A45 Tiny House A-frame Inspired by Bjarke Ingels Photo by Matthew Carbone 001

Photos by Matthew Carbone

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This is a micro A-frame cabin in the woods that can be built for as little as $700!

This one is actually a vacation cabin that’s on Airbnb out of Cave Junction, Oregon.

Would you build a little cabin like this?

Micro A-frame Cabin Vacation in Cave Junction, Oregon

Micro A-frame Cabin Vacation in Cave Junction 001

Images via Airbnb

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This is the story of a little A-frame cabin in the Catskills of New York. It’s totally off-grid on a two-acre property in the Catskill mountains. It features solar panels, a wonderful deck, large windows, a chimney, and a very peaceful setting to be in that’s a two-hour drive from the big apple (New York City).

Would you ever consider designing and building a small home like this over a tiny house? Let’s talk about that in the comments! And by the way, you can actually book this A-frame cabin using Airbnb if you want to!

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Off-Grid A-frame Cabin in the Catskill Mountains with Solar Power

Off Grid A-frame Cabin in the Catskills Photo by Ryan Resatka via Airbnb

Photo by Ryan Resatka via Airbnb

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This is an 850 sq. ft. tiny A-frame cabin in Lilliwaup, Washington.

It’s a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home on an 8,276 sq. ft. lot that’s listed for sale for $174,900 over on Zillow.

What do you think about living small in a cabin like this?

Tiny A-frame Cabin in Lilliwaup For Sale!

Tiny A-frame Cabin in Lilliwaup 001

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If you’re looking to build a simple tiny A-frame cabin, I thought you might like these plans by LaMar Alexander of Simple Solar Homesteading.

These plans include a detailed 30 page ebook full of step-by-step directions plus the modifiable Sketchup models of both the finished A Frame and the framing model to help guide your construction.1

© Simple Solar Homesteading

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This is the MADI model by Renato Vidal. It’s a design for a folding prefab A-frame cabin. You can watch the video below to see how it works. You can even add multiple units together to create your own customized A-frame home! Pretty cool, right?

If you like this concept, be sure to read Lloyd Alter’s article about it on Tree Hugger. Over at MADI you can even download a printable paper kit to build your own miniature model of the folding M.A.DI. A-frame Cabin.

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Affordable Prefab Cabins – MADI


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