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$700 Micro A-frame Cabin Built in 3 Weeks

This is a micro A-frame cabin built in only three weeks with only $700 in materials using one of Derek Diedricksen’s plans. Amazing, isn’t it?

Tiny A-frame Cabin Built for $700 in Materials in Only Three Weeks!


  • 80 Sq. Ft.
  • ~3 Week Build Time
  • Built Using These Plans by Derek Diedricksen/RelaxShacks
  • Sleeps two (or three w/ sleeping bag)
  • Outdoor toilet and solar shower are walking distance

More photos and info here (part 1: construction) and here (part 2).


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  • Avatar Annette

    Super cute summer tent – I’d install a roll-up screen so I could leave that flap open all night without the mosquitoes. Looks like fun.

  • Avatar Russell Stanley

    Nice idea! If mine, I would build the bed as a bunk bed style on the non-opening wall side. You could then add a small table and a couple of folding chairs.

  • Avatar Nathalie Clermont

    OMG super cute! I could live in 2 of those put together to include a bathroom and a tiny kitchen.

  • Interesting way to open a window. Nice.

  • Awesome, Resounding like a very special Toy

  • Avatar emma jane

    This is adorable for a weekend away! When it comes to living in this for any extended period of time, I don’t think so …….it is just too small, I like the idea of combining two or three of them together it still would be so cheap! One could be a living/office space, two could be a kitchen/ eating area with a bathroom and a third one could have one full size bed or two little twin beds or perhaps bunk beds with a dresser?

    • I agree. We could have one for the master bdrm and two more could be kids or guest rooms. one for the kitchen, one for the livingrm, and one for a dining room. Might as well have one for the bathroom and one for the laundry. Could be a great house. But most of the US was built with a one rm cabin and that is semi where the Tiny House Movement is going not necessarily one room always but minimalist in at least foot print. I also would like this building to ba a little larger but it is a good start. This could make an excellent cabin while making plans for a larger domicile.

  • Avatar Nysha

    It’s adorable and would be a great weekend cabin. Given the cost, I agree with the other posters that it would be easy to build 2-3 for different purposes. Another option would be to make it longer. The first section could be the kitchen, the second could have the two twin beds, and the third could have one large bed.

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