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Danielle Cory is sharing this 8×12 tiny house design as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest.

“Although I built this plan with a trailer in mind, it can work as a foundation home as well. 

Features include:

  • Drop down deck for entry
  • Tall compact fridge (almost full size)
  • Compact stove/oven
  • Hide-a-way sink (counter drops down over it once faucet is swiveled to the side)
  • In cabinets under the sink there can be optional drawers to pull out from behind the door
  • Simple walk in shower
  • Dining room seating has storage underneath
  • Loft storage above closet/pantry.
  • Closet/pantry can also store a compact washer/dryer combo (such as what you see in RVs)
  • Swivel wall mounted tv in the loft
  • Pop up tables/desks on each side of bed underneath the windows
  • Box style stairs with storage in each step, bottom two steps are drawers, and there is extra storage for shoes and/or books.
  • A grey water system sink and toilet combo (wash your hands with tank water as it refills from a flush, and the grey water fills the bowl)
  • And extra cabinets and storage along the walls.

Hope you like my design!”

-Danielle C. Buckenberger
Las Vegas

Danielle Cory’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Images © Danielle Cory

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Mark Hooker has shared this amazing folding A-frame cabin design as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest.

The end walls are detached and there is a solid 8×12 floor made with 3 4x8s.

There are six separate side wall pieces. And three hinge under and over the floor for shipping.

This design can be put on wheels or on a foundation and you can cut windows and doors to your own liking. What do you think?

Mark Hooker’s 8×12 Amazing Folding A-frame Design


Images © Mark Hooker

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Rae Rickman has shared this 8×12 tiny house floor plan as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest.

It’s a tiny house with a full size basement, skylights, and stained glass windows in the kitchen and bathroom which I absolutely love.

There’s also a wall you can use for your own projector if you want to watch films. In addition, there’s a fold away bed for your guests.

And when you go upstairs to the master loft you can enjoy panoramic views. What do you think?

Rae Rickman’s 8×12 Tiny House Floor Plan


Image © Rae Rickman

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This is the story of a man who built his own tiny house for less than $500.

His name is Scott and he calls it his transforming tiny home because it has a custom and very simple fold-out bed. And here’s what’s really interesting. This is the biggest house he’s had in almost 3 years because before this he lived in a dome-tent, and before that, out of a backpack. So for him, the 83 sq. ft. cabin is roomy. Scott and his friends designed and built the simple tiny shelter for less than $500. It’s located on a friend’s 20-acre plot of land. Enjoy the full tour below. Can you imagine building a house for only $500 in materials? Talk about life-changing…

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How he built a $500 tiny cabin with help from friends


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