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Lee Ashmore is sharing her 8×12 tiny house design with us as part of our 2015 tiny house design competition with Deek of RelaxShacks.com.

This tiny house design features a murphy bed (so you don’t have to go up and down a ladder to go to sleep).

It also features tables that flip up and down to save space w hen not in use. Plus radiant heated floors, rooftop solar panels, built in sofa storage, and more. Click the image to see it in full size so you can read Lee’s writing. 🙂

Lee Ashmore’s 8×12 Tiny House Design

Lee Ashmore's 8x12 Tiny House Design

Images © Lee Ashmore

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This is Scott’s 8×12 ZenDen tiny house design that he’s sharing with us as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest with Derek Diedricksen of RelaxShacks.com.

Here is my submission for the 8×12 tiny house plans.

Have to admit this is a very small space but I think it could work if it was done with fold out bed and with a drop down table.

This tiny home is nicknamed the ZenDen and features a murphy bed, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, and more.

Scott’s 8×12 ZenDen Tiny House Design

Scott's 8x12 ZenDen Tiny House Design

Images © Scott

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Dennis Main shares his 8×12 tiny home office design concept with you as part of our 8×12 tiny house design contest with Deek of RelaxShacks.com.

Hi. I’m Dennis Main, micro house enthusiast since I first read Ken Isaac’s Living Structures book in the ’70’s.

I’ve attached a scan of my entry – but like everything else I do, some explanations goes with it.

– I did as much as I could come up with to make it a micro that one person could live in long term.

– The structure is plywood over 2×4. The interior partitions are 3/4 plywood, to save some space. There’s a covered patio on two sides. Here in California, you can enjoy a patio almost year round.

Dennis Main’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Image © Dennis Main

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Craig shares his 8×12 tiny home office design concept with you as part of our 8×12 tiny house design contest with Deek of RelaxShacks.com.

It’s a pretty simple 8×12 tiny house design on a trailer with an upstairs sleeping loft that you can access by ladder.

Inside there’s also a kitchenette and even a toilet. There’s also space for a comfortable chair. Additionally a separate chair and desk. Please enjoy below. Thank you.

Craig’s 8×12 Tiny Home Office Design


Images © Geoffrey Craig Williams

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Christopher Sanfordbeck is sharing his 8×12 tiny house design with us as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest. I’ll let him explain his design with you.

The paper on the left hand side shows the roof/elevations, as well as the loft plan. As you can see, there are three dormers on the roof. On the right hand side is the interior design. You will notice that there are several asterisks. Noted below are their meanings.

The sink: the sink is sunk into the counter top, and when not in use, a board fits into place over it for extra counter space

The window in front of the desk: Instead of blinds, the window in front of the desk can be covered by a wooden blind which has either a bulletin board or a whiteboard on it.

The cot: This is interesting as it pulls down from the ceiling on a pulley system. It can then be ‘stored’ on the ceiling while not in use, and pulled down easily when guests come or if you want an afternoon nap.

Sofa: Underneath the sofa are two pull-out drawers on wheels which double as extra storage and as ottoman. On the left hand side, underneath the armrest, it is also hollowed out and acts as a place to stow boots and shoes.

Christopher Sanfordbeck’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Images © Christopher Sanfordbeck

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Jay Oistad is sharing his 8×12 Sunday tiny house design with us as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest. I’ll let Jay explain his design with you.

This THOW is built on a trailer 8′ by 12′, however the square footage without calculating the single loft and additional sleeping ca coon is 142 square feet,

Main TH is 96 square feet
Kitchen ” Room Roll Out ” is 32 square feet
Private office is 12 square feet

Extra space not included above:
Single Queen size loft 35 square feet
Single sleeping ca coon is 30 square feet
Total of extra, not included space is 75 square feet

Total of all space is 217 square feet.

Jay Oistad’s 8×12 Sunday House

Jay's Expanding 8x12 Sunday Tiny House

Images © Jay Oistad

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Anastasia is sharing her 8×12 tiny house design with slide outs as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest.

This is a house designed for a retired couple and a cat. (Cat is optional, but come on!) It therefore does not include a second floor or a loft and is wheelchair accessible throughout.

The roof will be peaked from east to west and angled at around 35 degrees, depending on house’s longitude, to catch the sun rays to best advantage. The roofing will be solar tiles for the posh version, regular shingles with solar panels for rustic effect.

Anastasia’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


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Charles Strong is sharing his 8×12 tiny house design as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest.

“I have been in the construction trade for longer than I care to think about, first as a worker bee, then got into the design end of things. I am a free lance draftsman and do mostly detailing for steel fabricators on large commercial projects, with occasional ventures in architectural design. Became interested in the tiny house concept a couple years ago when considering some options for my son’s property and my own future retirement and began experimenting with various plan concepts, even gave them a name- D’weelings Designs. I found your newsletter site while doing research and have been enjoying it ever since. The contest motivated me to finish up some ideas for submittal and here’s the results. Thanks for the push and opportunity to contribute.”

Charles Strong’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Images © Charles Strong

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LaMar Alexander, of Simple Solar Homesteading, is sharing this awesome 8×12 stealth-boat tiny house design as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest. But he is just sharing it for fun and inspiration so he is not accepting any prizes. Thanks for sharing, LaMar!

“This is an 8×12 Pontoon Stealth-boat designed for recreation or could be used for permanent living. The pontoons are filled with unsinkable foamular rigid board. The Stealthboat deck is 8×12 with ample room on the nose deck for fishing. There is a storage compartment under the nose deck for fishing and camping gear.

There is a 4×8 diving platform that can also be used for a sundeck or storage for transporting stuff to your campground. There are headlights and rear lights and there is a 100 watt solar panel on the roof and two or more deep cycle batteries under the platform bed.

The steering compartment has two seats that can be rotated around to use for eating at the slide out tables. There is a small kitchen galley with propane stove and microwave or toaster oven. There is a wardrobe closes with pull out desk on the opposite side. The bed is large enough for two people and under the bed storage for a camp toilet, ice chest or 12 volt fridge and two or more deep cycle batteries.

The front and rear windows are hinged and are used to enter and exit the boat. There are deck cleats for anchoring the boat or used for securing gear. A small electric outboard or trolling motor would power the Stealthboat.”

LaMar Alexander’s 8×12 Stealth-boat Tiny House Design


Images © LaMar Alexander/Simple Solar Homesteading

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