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Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia

This is a stone tower cabin in Croatia that you can rent for $196 a night (as I write this).

From the outside, you’ll notice a cylindrical structure created from different size stones with beautiful ivy growing up one side.

When you go inside, you’ll find a living room on the first “floor” with a step-up kitchen. Follow the spiral staircase to multiple lofts including a dining room, two bedrooms, and two baths.

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Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia

Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 001

Images © Ivana & Lorenzo via Airbnb

Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 002 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 003 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 004 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 005 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 006 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 007 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 008 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 009 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0010 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0012 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0013 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0014 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0015 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0016 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0017 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0018 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0019 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0020 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0021 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0022 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0023 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0024 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0025 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0026 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0027 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0028 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0029 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0030 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0031 Stone Tower Cabin in Croatia 0032

Images © Ivana & Lorenzo via Airbnb

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{ 29 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Trish Dee

    Love the stone inside and out. I could see myself staying here and being very comfortable. However, the sink looks like it is a bit too small to be practical for washing large plates, pots & pans. Also, I’m left handed and I would be bumping my arm into the refrigerator all the time. I know it is just a rental property, but I like to cook whether I’m on holiday or at home. I’m sure it would work for most renters though.

  • Avatar RoSee

    Wow! Love this home, but I think one of my sons would love it more than me. He likes Gothic homes, especially towers. Would love to email this site to him, unfortunately, he’s moving away.

  • Avatar G Randall

    Very cool. Need a damsel and a bit of chainmail to feel right at home. FYI the shape is cylindrical not conical think soup can vs. ice cream cone.

    • Avatar Sandi B

      Hmmm, I did not see anywhere this was referred to as “conical” — it was clearly stated as cylindrical.

  • Avatar Sparrow

    My dream house!

  • Avatar Kathy

    Reminds me of something you’d see in the movie “Lord Of The Rings”. Beautifully done!

  • Avatar Jarl Thomas

    cylindrical not conical

  • Aaaaaaaahh now I’m thinking stone tower tiny cabin. …….verrrrry thought provoking & inspiring, thank you for showing this to us. =)

  • Avatar Macris

    Sooooooo nice!!!!

  • Avatar Macris

    A fireplace…???

  • Avatar Michael L

    Beautiful! Just like the country. For those who have never visited Croatia… its a beautiful, affordable and friendly place to visit? Myself along with 23 of my closest friends (lol) rented a yacht this last summer and sailed the Dalmation coast. There are so many of these great tiny houses to be found.

  • Avatar Marta Santiago

    Nice Alex, however to many stairs. Not a fan of the dining chairs they look uncomfortable. Lived in Europe and as beautiful as the stones look it gets cold.

    • Avatar Chel

      The secret to keeping stone warm is to keep the fire going. I used to live in a stone cottage with a coal fired stove for the central heating. It takes a week for the stone to heat up from empty house cold, but it takes a week for it to return to that cold after the fire is out. A low fire when you are out or in bed keeps a base, comfortable background temperature that you can raise during the day. That wouldn’t work so well in a rental, but its fine for regular life. Wood is less dusty than coal for cleaning.
      I love this house. If only I could move it to Ireland and get a sea view.

  • Avatar jake

    Ah, yes. See? Curves are challenging, not ugly. This is ingenious and beautiful. But the ingenious inset toilet tank doesn’t appear to meet the IRC minimum standard of 15 inches from the toilet centerline to the nearest obstruction. BTW, this code is intended for the safety of the plumber, among other things. An option might be the S-trap toilet with its tank inside the hollow portion of the bowl. It only sticks out 16″ from the wall.

  • Avatar Gabrielle Charest

    Lots of stairs for this old bird, but I’d love to give it a try for a couple of days.

  • Avatar Eric

    Not averse to cylindrical housing, but the way the floors were laid out actually made me giddy. And not in a good way either. Didn’t work for me I’m afraid.

    As for ivy… the bane of my life. If ONLY I could totally destroy it at my place. If only…

  • Avatar ROSEE

    Another stone house, WOW! I love the set up, but my son would love it more than me. This is a type of house (tower) that he would want to live in, if he could find one in New Zealand.
    Beautifully done!

  • Avatar Kezia

    oh my aching knees!

  • Avatar Rob the Potter

    Wow….love the light clean uncluttered look to this place!…one of the best you’ve shown us, Alex…thanks

  • Beautiful with out a doubt…! I have seen a few of these here in the U.S. were old water reservoirs were used to be trans formed into houses like this one… And they to were equally beautiful I’d like to add…! Another useful reconstruction of a structure from the past brought up to today’s standards creating another beautiful house.. We need to see more houses built from historic structures in our community’s from those historical land marks that are being left to decay… The shame of it all is big business finds a lot of these structures to be on prime real estate for commercial use, and are unconcerned with it’s historic values…! Over pricing is than levied against these properties and make them unaffordable for the homesteaders and historic organizations to be able to further sustain these lands, and hence build a strip mall or shopping plazas in it’s wake…! Sad but true, fortunately this landmark was saved….!

  • Avatar Jennifer Mitts

    Did I miss it, or is this place seriously missing places to store clothes, etc.?

  • Avatar Kim

    I love the stone tower tiny house. Awesome! Its similar to the former grain silo tiny house. My two favorites

  • Avatar Sarah

    This would be like living in a fairy tale, so cool. I’m trying to think, Croatia, is that on the west side of Greece? I’m not super great at geography.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      It’s east of Italy — and I only know because I asked my husband, haha 🙂 — Tiny House Talk Team


        I think she was thinking, or referring to Cypress, instead of Croatia…! LoL…! But I can understand the confusion…

  • Avatar Sandi B

    I think this would be a great place to stay for a couple of days. They did such a great job on making this a “house”. Only two things I would change — the bedrooms have no privacy and need some and those chairs at the dinning table. I guess they would force you to have good posture, but certainly would not be comfortable, but great to look at. Just a fun place and great for a rental.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Yes such a fun place to stay!

  • Simply gorgeous…

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