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807 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage

In the world of small homes, you’ll find abodes made of anything from mirrors to reclaimed wood to straw bales. This is an 807 sq. ft. stone cottage named “Casa Vi” by EV+A Lab.

Outside, you’ll notice a perfectly square facade with four symmetrical windows with a roofline that tilts backward. It sits among a forest of beautiful trees blowing smoke from its chimney.

On the inside, the house is paneled with light knotty pine wood and white walls with a wonderful open floor plan. The kitchen includes a cool retro refrigerator and a long table with wooden-block stools. A floating staircase leads upstairs to the bedroom and sitting area. The bathroom includes a unique concrete sink, and the main living space has an open fireplace for keeping warm.

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807 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage

800 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage 001

Images © Marcello Mariana via ArchDailyEV+A Lab

800 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage 002 800 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage 003 800 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage 004 800 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage 005 800 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage 006 800 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage 007 800 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage 008 800 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage 009 800 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage 0010 800 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage 0011

Images © Marcello Mariana via ArchDailyEV+A Lab


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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributing writer for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She is a coffee-loving wannabe homesteader who dreams of becoming self-sufficient in her own tiny home someday. Natalie currently resides in a tiny apartment with her husband, Casey, in Massachusetts.
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  • Avatar Marce

    Wow! Just absoulety wow.
    Only thing for me would be adding some rails for safety reasons..

    • Avatar CathyAnn

      I agree. Add railings and I’m sold! Love it!

  • Avatar RoSee

    Indeed that is a “Wow!” I love the way it is set up and the loo and bidet is so cool. Although I would love more windows, sturdy stairwell with railings too. Good job! Love stone houses!

  • Avatar Eric

    OMG… those stairs all look like those optical illusion pictures. Now, can someone tell me how to uncross my eyes… pleeeeeeez?

  • Avatar Kristina H Nadreau

    fabulous in all respects. It is not my decor and I can not do stairs, especially no railings, and I still love this gorgeous building.

    • Avatar turner

      I agree. Not my thing, but it is gorgeous.

      Also, it’s really great to see comments here that don’t fall into the trap of equating “doesn’t work for me/I don’t like it” with “This is bad.” Entitlement, anyone?

      Thank you.

  • Avatar Gabrielle Charest

    I love stone homes, but I tend to favor more traditional interiors.

  • Avatar Fredrick Krieger

    Please add my personal “WOW!” to the ones previously posted! The whole house, the design details, the natural materials, the site…it’s like a breath of fresh, cool mountain air. I could live there in an instant. The only additions I would make would be some artwork by Richard Diebenkorn and Mark Rothko on the walls and some thick & cozy cushions on the benches near the fantastic and welcoming fireplace.

  • Avatar Kristen

    It’s gorgeous, but the staircase is SO unsafe (one of a few things that tells me that it isn’t in the U.S.). If I ever build a place- whether a TOH or small house- a safe way to climb elevation is a must.

    • Avatar Derek up North

      The staircase certainly isn’t to Code where I am.

  • Avatar keepyourpower


    I used to live in Italy. I would say they are the most intelligent beings on this Earth! Their art, sculpture, architecture! Wow!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Oh that’s so fun that you lived there 🙂

  • Love every thing about this one except for the position of the bed.
    I would put the head of the bed against the opposite wall, so I could look at that beauitful mountain when I lay down.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Ah yes 🙂 Good idea!

  • Avatar Claude

    Very nice, but those weird stairs not for me.

  • Avatar Shawna

    Love the M C Escher stairs! Not for everyone, but looks very chic. I’d move the bed for the view too, but otherwise, awesome

  • Avatar Nancy

    Would have like the WHOLE bathroom, But I do love the whole home. And, I agree on a railing too.

  • Avatar susan

    Agree! Wow! Absolutely Wow! Maybe turn the bed around so you’d have the mountain view while in bed. I might never get out of bed…

  • Avatar alice h

    At first glance I was somewhat taken aback by the starkness but the symmetry of the front facade won me over. Not my style but truly a thing of beauty.

  • Avatar Patricia Chang

    Very Stark. The stairs are definitely a safety issue, a big safety issue! They are a lot of wasted storage space, too. Sorry, the stone is attractive, but overall, the house is not for me. To each his own…..

  • Avatar Karen Blackburn

    Why all the comments about the stairs not being up to code? A serious question. Not to my taste but I think the stairs are great and although I would need a handrail it would destroy the illusion of nothingness. I am assuming they are steel or a similar product because of the design but they just disappear into the air as though the upper flight isn’t there. Exactly what you need in a tiny house to increase the feeling of spaciousness. As long as there is no medical impairment these stairs are as safe as any, and as the majority of tiny homes have no rails on their internal stairs or ladders – even more dangerous to climb – then I am curious about all the fuss here. They look to be wide, not too steep, solid – unlike many circular staircases or ships versions – and with a tread easily wide enough to place your foot, as opposed to just your toes, on. Even better, they appear to house the bathroom beneath them which is a great use of space. I may not like the decor in general but the stairs are both beautiful and practical.

  • Avatar Kelly Libert

    Stunning. Few changes would I need. I did not see a shower, a flushable toilet, and I would shorten that long dining table to make room for a stacked washer/dryer. Other than that, I could easily and happily live here.

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