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Outer Banks Art Deco Geodesic Dome Home

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Originally built in 1971, this art deco dome home recently underwent a major facelift, and the result is a bright and colorful art-deco dome home that sleeps 7!

Inside there’s a full kitchen (with dishwasher), two queen bedrooms downstairs, and then two loft bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom. It looks like a fun place to stay, and is only a 3 minute walk from the Outer Banks beaches.

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This 1,100 Sq. Ft. Geodesic Home Sleeps 7

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 27

Images via Riley/Airbnb

The dome is surrounded by beautiful landscaping and nature.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome

Images via Riley/Airbnb

The built-in breakfast nook is perfect.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 5

Images via Riley/Airbnb

Counter/bar space with open storage.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 19

Images via Riley/Airbnb

A staircase leads up to the second floor.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 23

Images via Riley/Airbnb

In the kitchen there’s open shelving and a dishwasher.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 20

Images via Riley/Airbnb

A huge u-shaped couch provides plenty of seating.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 25

Images via Riley/Airbnb

Books & games provided for guests.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 24

Images via Riley/Airbnb

Isn’t this wall art amazing?

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 26

Images via Riley/Airbnb

On this side of the loft you’ll find the bathroom and a single bed.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 13

Images via Riley/Airbnb

Can we talk about the ceiling, though?

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 12

Images via Riley/Airbnb

There’s a queen bed over here.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 17

Images via Riley/Airbnb

Everything looks lovely and neat.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 18

Images via Riley/Airbnb

This is one of the downstairs bedrooms.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 11

Images via Riley/Airbnb

Hat decor and a desk.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 10

Images via Riley/Airbnb

Reading lights.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 9

Images via Riley/Airbnb

And here’s the second bedroom downstairs.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 14

Images via Riley/Airbnb

This one has a closet.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 15

Images via Riley/Airbnb

The bathroom has some awesome skylights.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 8

Images via Riley/Airbnb

Looks pretty roomy.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 6

Images via Riley/Airbnb

Bench swing under the dome.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 4

Images via Riley/Airbnb

The property is a lovely place to explore.

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 2

Images via Riley/Airbnb


Tons of fun details make this secluded, freshly renovated 1971 geodesic dome a true vacation paradise, while the amenities (fully equipped kitchen, laundry, A/C, and high-speed internet) will make you feel right at home!

Enjoy your coffee from the private wraparound deck, with the sounds of the sea and the breeze through the marsh grasses, or take a ten minute stroll across the dune to catch the sunrise over the Atlantic.

The space boasts an open floor plan that feels much roomier than its 1100 square feet. Two queen bedrooms downstairs and two semi-private sleeping areas upstairs in the loft – one with a queen bed and one with a twin bed – comfortably sleep seven.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Joanna Huskey
    September 17, 2021, 1:46 pm


  • Marcia
    September 18, 2021, 7:51 am

    So….I am thinking….yay! Queen size bedroom DOWNstairs so I don’t have to climb stairs. Then…BOO….bathroom UPstairs so I have to go up to sleep, being an amputee this is not ideal but OK….up to sleep and bathroom right there. BUT….what happens when I am downstairs for the day and have to use the bathroom? Ugh 😢 otherwise, I loved it and would stay there for sure if there was even a half-bath downstairs. I love the design and tucked away amenities….anyone have an idea for a half-bath downstairs? Would book this in a New York minute. ❤️

    • Alison
      September 18, 2021, 12:47 pm

      Yeah, I agree, I’d like at least a half-bath downstairs. This looks like a pretty big place, but without seeing a floor plan, I can’t tell if there would be a spot for it.

      I’m not usually a fan of dome houses, but I do like the way the structural elements show on the ceiling/walls. Feels artistic.

      • James D.
        September 18, 2021, 12:57 pm

        According to the AirBNB listing it has quote, “There are two full bathrooms (one on each floor)”…

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