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Off-Grid Vista Tiny House For Sale (Sold)

This is a brand new, off-grid Vista tiny house on wheels from ESCAPE that’s for sale and available now.

It features a modern design with one-level living, a tongue and groove exterior, oversized windows, modern French door keyless entry, and it comes fully equipped with an air-conditioner, solar system, on board water tank, tall solar refrigerator, gas cook top, on demand water heater, large bathroom with shower and washer/dryer, queen walk-around bed, oak floors, multi-purpose folding table, keyless locking, and more, including a rare $3,100 discount. If you’ve been looking for a tiny house like this that’s ready to go, here’s your chance!

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Off-Grid, Solar-Powered Vista Tiny House For Sale

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 001

Images via Escape

This brand-new Vista is loaded with options, including this keyless entry and locking system.

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 002

Images via Escape

But that’s not all, it actually has over $25k in upgrades and options.

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 003

Images via Escape

There’s this folding table that’s ready to go whenever you are.

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 004

Images via Escape

The bathroom door features the frosted glass upgrade.

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 005

Images via Escape

The vanity counters have been upgraded to white stone.

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 006

Images via Escape

It also already has a washer/dryer combo installed and ready to go.

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 007

Images via Escape

The bathroom has a storage upgrade.

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 008

Images via Escape

Right next to all of that storage is the 36″ shower.

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 009

Images via Escape

This Vista is already setup with a Separett Villa composting toilet.

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 0010

Images via Escape

Here’s the space-saving gas/electric cooktop.

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 0011

Images via Escape

Oh, the views. 🙂

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 0012

Images via Escape

In a tiny house, you just can’t beat large beautiful windows, and this one’s got them! What do you think?

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 0013

Images via Escape

VIDEO Tour of Brand-New Vista Escape Tiny House For Sale


  • VISTA Tiny House on Wheels
  • From ESCAPE
  • 21′ long, 26′ including hitch
  • 8.5’W x 9’6″H
  • RVIA certified
  • 175-sq.-ft.
  • Built on custom ESCAPE steel trailer
  • Available Now (while lasts)
  • Lots of upgrades, INCLUDING:
    • White stone vanity
    • Washer/dryer combo
    • High efficiency AC
    • Window coverings
    • On demand water heater
    • Frosted bath door
    • USB outlets
    • Separett Villa composting toilet
    • 36″ shower with storage
    • Gas/electric cooktop
    • Keyless lock system
    • Dining chairs
    • Oak hardwood floors
    • Solar power system with upgrade
    • On board water tank
    • Solar refrigerator
  • $3,100 discount, over $25k in upgrades and options
  • Price for this unit with upgrades AND discount: $76,449
  • Vista base price with no upgrades/options: $54,354

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Our big thanks to Dan at ESCAPE for sharing!🙏

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{ 5 comments… add one }
  • Diana
    October 24, 2021, 7:40 pm

    The thing about the XL line is there isn’t much variety as in floor plan and the kitchens are too small for serious living. They are probably best for a vacation space or airbnb.

    • James D.
      October 24, 2021, 11:23 pm

      Well, this is the Vista series… They’re meant more for traveling and is more of a standard model option that stems from how Escape was originally an RV manufacturer…

      However, their larger Traveler Series has more options and there’s even a custom built version that can be ordered for even more options… Escape even has done some container builds as well as at least one that was basically a Manufactured House…

      Though, most of their builds do seem to wind up as AirBNB’s, there are exceptions…

      While what people need for serious living is actually very little. People have managed with far less for most of history and millions of people still do. So it’s more about what each person is used to, how they prefer to have it, and what they’re willing to deal with or not…

      There are people who would find a kitchen this size more than enough and even bigger than what they’re used to and others who would think it’s not remotely enough and needs something up to multiple times larger, and yet others who would just prefer a different design altogether… So opinions will vary but there’s actually a wide range of what people may find sufficient for their needs…

  • Michele Bellon
    October 24, 2021, 9:31 pm

    It’s beautiful. I love the windows and the wood. I know there is not a lot of floor space in a one level tiny house, but there is something that really bothers me about having the bed in the kitchen.

    • James D.
      October 24, 2021, 10:16 pm

      Well, at this footprint size the alternative is a loft, unless you can budget for a larger THOW or go with a smaller kitchen and bathroom… This is packing a lot into a single level design that most THOWs go vertical to deal with…

      The builder’s larger Traveler series models avoids this, but the Vista models are more meant for ease of travel and are more likely to be used as campers, etc. But it’s not much different from living in a studio apartment…

  • Laura Kaufman
    October 26, 2021, 12:20 pm

    I am a Canadian senior living in Victoria BC and wondering if it would be even possible to buy and have your tiny house brought here? How much are you selling it for? Thank You Laura

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