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Indoor-Outdoor Tiny House Design

If you live somewhere temperate, where the weather is almost always lovely, this would be an incredible house design! Since I live in the North, there’s no way I could manage my living and dining room perpetually outdoors, but I can imagine this could work for some in a more tropical climate. Or, perhaps, if you just want to acclimate yourself to spending more time out of doors. What are your thoughts on this design?

Technically, the space is 576 square feet, but only half of that space is actually “inside.” The bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom are walled in, while the living and dining quarters are on the covered porch. It might not be practical for most, but it’s a fun idea. What do you think?

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Indoor-Outdoor Small Home Plans

576 square feet tiny home Alpine 7

Images via Etsy

Half of the square footage is in the covered porch.

576 square feet tiny home Alpine 3

Images via Etsy

There’s a living space on one half and the dining space on the other half.

576 square feet tiny home Alpine 2

Images via Etsy

There’s space indoors for a queen-sized bed.

576 square feet tiny home Alpine 1

Images via Etsy

I love the pass-through window from the kitchen.

576 square feet tiny home Alpine 5

Images via Etsy

From the side, you can see the perfect indoor-outdoor split.

576 square feet tiny home Alpine 6

Images via Etsy

Here’s a look at the layout.

576 square feet tiny home Alpine 4

Images via Etsy


  • Welcome to our enchanting world of small living with our meticulously crafted 576 square feet tiny home “Alpine” architectural plans! Whether you’re a minimalist, an eco-conscious individual, or simply seeking a cozy retreat, our thoughtfully designed tiny home offers the perfect solution for sustainable and stylish living. The floor plans of this tiny home includes 1 Bed with open space Kitchen and Living.
  • Size : 24′ x 24′
  • Area : 576 SF
  • Est : $40,000 (The costs will vary depending on the region, the price you pay for the labor and the quality of the material. Land Cost is not included.)
  • What’s Included in the Order?
  • Detailed Floor Plans
  • 3D Model of project
  • Elevations, different views
  • Sections, different views
  • Electrical Plans
  • HVAC Details
  • Mechanical Plans
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Foundation Plans
  • Door Window Schedule
  • Realistic Renderings
  • DWG File of project / Source File (If required)
  • The delivery will be ONLINE, which includes a PDF file.

Learn more and get the plans

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