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Woman Builds 112 Sq. Ft. Gifford Tiny House on Wheels

Meet B.A. Norrgard. She’s a woman who attended a Four Lights Tiny House Workshop in February of 2013. After the event, she bought the Gifford tiny house plans and started building.

Five months later, her little house on wheels is complete. And now she’s been hired as COO to work with Jay Shafer and the rest of his Four Lights Tiny House Company team in California. Now that’s a pretty awesome story, isn’t it?

Once upon a time she was a litigation paralegal. And she desired a change. Now she’s helping others simplify their lives to live more purposeful lives. Just like she’s doing. Jay Shafer is calling her a “tiny house superhero.” And right now I just felt I had to introduce you to her. So, please, take a video tour of her new tiny house below, enjoy, and re-share if you feel compelled to!

Meet this Tiny House Superhero (And Her Gifford)


Images © Isha Erskine/YouTube


Images © Isha Erskine/YouTube

To go inside, please watch and enjoy the video below:

VIDEO: BA’s DIY Gifford Tiny House on Wheels

Gifford Tiny House Floor Plan


Own a copy of Jay Shafer’s The Small House Book.

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  • Avatar Clarke

    I loved that video! A great story, and a beautiful house. Kudos to you BA Norrgard for following your dream, and setting yourself up in a great living situation and career.

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Clarke I’m happy you enjoyed it too! She’s awesome.

  • will there be any contests,or sweepstakes?and how does it feel living in a tiny home?

  • Avatar Karen Rogers

    Affairs! Congratulations on following your dream!!!

  • Avatar Karen Rogers

    Dart Kindle! What I typed was “attagirl!” Congratulations on following your dream!!!!

    • Avatar Alex

      LOL, thanks for clarifying that Karen. Blessings! -Alex

  • Avatar Monique Swyer

    Kudos to you! A dream house with a dream job to match! Can’t beat that!!

  • really cute house. nice aesthetic and decor. loved that quilt on the bed!

  • Thanks you guys! I’ve received so much support from my tiny house friends! That’s the first type of tiny house community – now for the communities of actual houses!

  • Avatar Linda

    This is a very good use of space in this tiny house. Love it… but this girl did NOT build her house as she originally said. She had the electrical and plumbing contracted out and all the rest, she had LOTS of help from other people. I always smile when people are asked if they built their own house and they say “yes” then you find out that the entire neighborhood, and then some, built the house.

    I know a family who actually BUILT their house. Nobody helped them do ANYTHING. Man, wife, and 2 children actually built their house.

    Don’t get me wrong, this girl should be proud of herself for this undertaking. It’s NO small task! Even though it’s a small house, the undertaking is quite a large task. So yes, she should be proud of herself, but if I were she, I’d say upfront that “No… no way. I had all the help in the world because that’s what it takes to complete one of these gems.”

  • easily one of my favourites!

  • Avatar Linda

    Did you build it yourself? No I have it frame an then had it transported and some high school girls helped and then I had some friends help finish it. So no, I didn’t build it myself.

  • Avatar Lindsay

    Did I hear her say she brought her Tiny House to Dallas? My husband and I are in the process of building our own tiny house and live in the DFW area and find unzonned land to put the house once it’s built has been our greatest difficulty. I would love to link up with others in DFW to hear how they went about it!!

  • Avatar Rich

    exclnt plan modification… so sensible to use the entry as walkspace in the galley kitchen arrangement and open up the “great room”…. planned right down to the half inch. great job!

  • Avatar David

    $232.14 a square foot. Think about it!

    • Avatar Alex

      It’s hard to a build a tiny house on the same per sq. ft. cost as a normal house because high cost of plumbing, electrical, appliances, trailer, bathroom, kitchen, etc. in a TINY sq. ft. space.

  • Avatar David Feldman

    $236.14/square foot and it is not finished.

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