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Escape e-One XL Wide + Tall Tiny House with $11.5K Discount

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The eOne is already the biggest tiny house offered by ESCAPE, but this one goes above and beyond, adding a foot of width and an extra 6 inches of headroom. While you can’t *quite* stand in the lofts, you certainly won’t feel claustrophobic.

Making it nearly 10 feet wide allows the living room to feel especially open and gives plenty of room to walk around in the kitchen. The 5-foot shower stall in the bathroom – along with all the storage – gives it a luxury feel. It’s available immediately at an $11.5k discount. You can buy it today for $139.7K.

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Extra Long, Extra Wide & Extra Tall THOW!

eOne XL Wide + Tall $11.5K Discount. 7

Images via ESCAPE

I love that this model has a dishwasher!

eOne XL Wide + Tall $11.5K Discount. 5

Images via ESCAPE

Gorgeous built-in entertainment center.

eOne XL Wide + Tall $11.5K Discount. 6

Images via ESCAPE

Wow! Look at all the headroom.

eOne XL Wide + Tall $11.5K Discount. 2

Images via ESCAPE

A mini-split keeps things comfortable.

eOne XL Wide + Tall $11.5K Discount

Images via ESCAPE

Don’t you love the 5-foot shower stall with glass doors?

eOne XL Wide + Tall $11.5K Discount. 3

Images via ESCAPE

Great linen closet in the bathroom.

eOne XL Wide + Tall $11.5K Discount. 4

Images via ESCAPE

VIDEO: eOne XL WT 584


For anyone looking to experience tiny living in a big way, this eONE XL Wide + Tall brings together an impressive array of features…and there’s a huge discount! From its all-electric setup and large stainless kitchen (including stone tops and a dishwasher) to the large living area featuring an entertainment center and fireplace, this unit offers a remarkable living experience. The spacious 2nd floor with ample headroom and an abundance of windows offers space for sleeping, working or storage. This unit is the largest that Escape builds and it has it all! Available immediately for pick-up or delivery.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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