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Custom Built Micro Camper

If you are in the market for a micro camper or small travel trailer check out this custom built one in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It’s was for sale on Craigslist after returning from a 2400 mile road trip.

This camper is great for road trips or just for a long day of surfing, fishing or hunting.

Built by a professional builder it weighs 2500 lbs and dimensions are  6′ x 12′ 6″ (this is without the tongue).

The interior walls are wood style lacquered ply and bead board.

Micro Camper Travel Trailer

Photo Credit John/Craigslist

Micro Camper Travel Trailer

The couch pulls out to a queen size futon bed. Wired with 110v. Equipped with a small refrigerator, cabinet with drawer, small pantry, lighting fixtures and outlets. There is a private area with a port-a-potty and sink vanity storage. Plus a sink which can be hard plumbed if parked in a permanent space.

Micro Camper Travel Trailer

Optionally you can add a roof mounted AC since the wiring is all ready for it. There is a nice size back door with a screen so you can let the breeze flow in without the bugs. From the outside you have four nice windows making the interior bright during the day. Great ventilation as well with all these windows.

Micro Camper Travel Trailer

Designed to be pulled on getaways or to set up as a permanent tiny living or work space.

Was for sale on Craigslist (http://santafe.craigslist.org/rvs/3059500621.html). The listed price was $5495.

Would you have considered it for $5495? Or would you rather build one yourself?

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  • Avatar Kat

    For such a small space it is well put together. I could see it as a camper, but not full time. Very nice, should sell quickly!

    • I agree.. Way too small for full time, but I’m sure some would lol. Thanks!

      • Avatar Dominick Bundy

        Hey,, I’ve known of some couples who full time with a mid size dog. in these little 17 ft. Casita travel trailers.. I don’t know how they do it. but I guess it could be done in campers like like…

        • So true, thanks Dominick!

        • Makes it way more doable if you’re seeing new things, traveling, etc. 🙂

  • Avatar Rickles

    LOL! This thing is brilliant!

  • That looks really nice. I think they did a great job on it.

  • Avatar Hunter

    Looks like an early mike jansen design from years ago. Cool

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