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Country Cabin & 70s Camper w/ a Sauna and Tub

Here’s a lovely little cabin in the Vermont woods — on 100 acres — that comes with a vintage 70s truck camper you can sleep in and a brand-new sauna for your enjoyment! If you come in the summertime, you can enjoy the outdoor shower or one of the two cast iron tubs outdoors, but there is a 3/4 bathroom indoors as well.

The 70s camper on the property has avocado-green walls and fun plaid upholstery, while the cabin has cozy wooden interior and wide pine flooring. There’s a full kitchen in the cabin as well so you can cook anything you’d like. What do you think?

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Vermont Cabin on 100 Acres (Centrally Located)

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 2

Images via Airbnb/Ben

Admire the beautiful wide pine flooring!

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 5

Images via Airbnb/Ben

There’s a cozy wood-burning stove in the corner of the cabin.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 3

Images via Airbnb/Ben

The kitchen houses vintage appliances.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 4

Images via Airbnb/Ben

The sleeping area is up in the loft.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 9

Images via Airbnb/Ben

Snuggle up after a long day of skiing.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 6

Images via Airbnb/Ben

It looks so cozy lit up by the lamplight.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 37

Images via Airbnb/Ben

There’s plenty of seating around the woodstove.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 110

Images via Airbnb/Ben

The ceilings are low, but I bet you’ll sleep well!

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 34

Images via Airbnb/Ben

In the summer, you can take advantage of the outdoor shower.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 35

Images via Airbnb/Ben

You can also bathe on the deck!

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 48

Images via Airbnb/Ben

There’s another bathtub in the shower area (more private).

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 50

Images via Airbnb/Ben

Take in the lovely views!

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 45

Images via Airbnb/Ben

There is an indoor toilet.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 99

Images via Airbnb/Ben

Here’s the 70s vintage truck camper.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 33

Images via Airbnb/Ben

This avocado-green interior is super groovy.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 1114

Images via Airbnb/Ben

A little dinette for four with plaid cushions.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 116

Images via Airbnb/Ben

The camper has its own toilet.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 113

Images via Airbnb/Ben

Here’s the shower in the main cabin.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 111

Images via Airbnb/Ben

The newly-built sauna is also yours to enjoy.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 89

Images via Airbnb/Ben

Here’s the interior of the sauna.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 66

Images via Airbnb/Ben

You can lounge in here.

Country Cabin & 70s Camperv 66

Images via Airbnb/Ben

The views are most fantastic.

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 51

Images via Airbnb/Ben


  • All original stunning Vermont cabin
  • Access to a hot tub & a new sauna
  • Vintage Ford Camper for two
  • Full bathroom, outdoor shower, an indoor shower, outdoor tub
  • Kitchenette
  • Best wood stove ever!
  • Centrally located between 4 of Vermont’s best ski mountains.
  • A former horse run-in shed converted lovingly by hand into a rustic micro-cabin
  • Loft bed under slanted eaves
  • Curated with vintage appliances
  • We have almost 100 acres for you to roam
  • You have a nice new deck area out front of the cabin for grilling and watching the sun set over the mountains.

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