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Cider Box Tiny House Plans 40% Off – Now With Editable 3D Model!

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The Cider Box Tiny House Plans from custom tiny house builder Shelter Wise have been one of their most popular designs since 2014. And now there’s a whole new reason to love them! The Cider Box Plans now come with a fully-editable 3-D SketchUp model created by the Tiny Nest Project – and to celebrate, the plans and model are on sale for 40% off until 7:00 pm PST on Saturday, June 17th!

You can go straight to PAD Tiny Houses to get this special offer now, or read on to learn about the Cider Box design, and what you can do with a well-made 3-D model like this one!

The Cider Box Tiny House Plans

The Cider Box Tiny House can accommodate two separate sleeping lofts, a full kitchen, and space for laundry. The PDF Plans include two separate plan sets:

  • A 20 foot long design that is 148 square feet on the main floor with a 65 square foot main loft and 30 square foot small loft.
  • A 24 foot long design that is 179 square feet on the main floor with an 84 square foot and a 30 square foot loft.

The non-traditional “double shed” roof line adds more space and light than many other roof lines, and many people appreciate that this design uses stairs to access the main loft, rather than a ladder.

Above is a photo of the original Cider Box Tiny House. Below are some renderings taken from the Tiny Nest SketchUp Model to show off how different the same design can look with different materials!

The Cider Box Tiny House - Interior Rendering

The Cider Box Tiny House – Interior Rendering by Tiny Nest Project

The Cider Box Tiny House Exterior Rendering Style by Tiny Nest Project

The Cider Box Tiny House – A Modern Rendering Style Option by Tiny Nest Project

The Cider Box Tiny House Exterior Rendering Style by Tiny Nest Project

The Cider Box Tiny House – A Woodsy Exterior Rendering Style by Tiny Nest Project

The Cider Box Editable 3-D Model by Tiny Nest

SketchUp Building Gif

In SketchUp, you can see and separate every layer of the house!

People have contacted Shelter Wise for years, asking for an editable SketchUp model of this popular design to tweak or experiment with – and now it’s finally here! Jake at the Tiny Nest Project got to be an absolute whiz with SketchUp while building his tiny house with his partner Kiva. He created an editable SketchUp Model version of the 24’ Foot Cider Box Tiny House design, now available on PAD Tiny Houses.com as an add-on to the PDF plans. Watch the video below to have Jake take you on a virtual tour of the Cider Box, and learn how powerful a 3-D model can be!

The video demonstrates how helpful the model is for even novice users. With SketchUp experience or with Tiny Nest’s SketchUp Tutorial as your companion, you can:

  • Change finish types and colors to see the same design with totally different aesthetics
  • Move, test and alter interior layouts to plan what works for you
  • Add real appliances and home decor from external product libraries to see how they fit
  • Hide layers of construction material to see the house framing in 3-D like a virtual “test build”
  • Alter the framing itself to move windows, doors, or even alter the length of the house

Using SketchUp

SketchUp is totally free to use, but if you’re new to it, I recommend Jake’s Tiny Nest SketchUp Tutorial. For just $30, this tutorial teaches you how to use the product just like he does. It acts as a user’s manual for the Cider Box model, Jake’s free 3-D models of all of Iron Eagle’s Tiny House Trailers, and the model of his own tiny house design.

You can try to learn SketchUp for free on the internet, but Jake’s tutorial is specific to tiny houses on wheels, and teaches you exactly how to use his other extremely useful models. All SketchUp files and file-creators are not created equal, and people use the program really differently. I love Jake’s tutorial and models because he’s super organized, a great communicator, and his Iron Eagle trailer models match Shelter Wise’s other PDF plan sets for the Hikari Box Tiny House and the Bunk Box Tiny House.

Click here to get the PDF Plans and this great new 3-D model while they’re 40% off! Hurry – this flash launch sale ends at 7:00 pm PST this Saturday, June 17th!

This post contains affiliate links.

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  • June 16, 2017, 1:13 pm

    What is the height and weight?

    • Sorrymate
      March 21, 2020, 10:03 pm

      States its 13’5″, and it weighs at least a pound!

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