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Catskills Tiny House Workshop Nov. 19-21, 2021

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Here’s your chance to enjoy an awesome in-person tiny house workshop where you’ll get to stay in a tiny house as well as tour and try out a number of tiny layouts and styles, including a yurt!

Fix a meal in one of the kitchens, check your mail via the wi-fi, try out a composting toilet, start a fire in the woodstove, refill a water tank, then get a good night’s sleep in a cozy loft.

Join us the weekend of November 19-21 2021 for our next workshop. The $495 fee includes accommodations, continental breakfast, sample blueprints, sample written plans, a sample builder’s contract, a sample land rental agreement for a tiny house, and a how-to guide packed with building terms, definitions, and facts.

Check out some pictures of the homes on the property below, and sign up for the workshop here.

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Learn All You Need to Oversee the Building of Your Own Tiny Home!

Here’s the inside of the yurt on the property.

The kitchen in one of the tiny homes.

A loft you can sleep in.

Some flip-up tables where you can eat.

A kitchen in another one of their tinies.

This tiny has a bunk.


Attendees will learn literally EVERYTHING they need to know to design, move, and oversee-the-building of their small house:

  • Common misconceptions about tiny houses.

  • The obvious nexus, and key differences, between a tiny house and a small city apartment.

  • Why there’s NO need to hire an architect to design your house.

  • How a person with NO drawing skills can create a blueprint a builder can realize.

  • The varying dimensions of movable houses.

  • The utilities that are commonplace in tiny houses.

  • The handful of building terms required to correctly design your house and convey your plans to a builder.

  • The best model trailer for a small house.

  • When to begin looking for a builder, how to identify the right one, how much to pay them, and how the payment plan is structured.

  • Municipality building codes vis-à-vis non-traditional houses.

  • How to find a commercial driver, and the required permits, to lawfully transport a completed house from the building site to its new home.

  • Where to procure homeowner’s insurance for your tiny house.

  • How to locate and rent land where you can park, and live in, your house.

  • How to draw water from a stream or pond once you’re there.

Learn More:

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This post contains affiliate links.

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