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Off the Grid

Doc HoLiday Family Van Conversion Off Road Vans 12

Doc Holliday: Family Van Conversion

Meet the Doc Holliday five-seater van conversion, a family-friendly off-roader built by the professionals at Off Highway Vans. We interviewed the folks at OHV about their history, plans for the future, and this great rig that seats and sleeps up to five people! Designed to go just about anywhere, these luxury rigs have all the [...]

Her Scandi-Style Home in Tasmania!

Her Scandinavian-Style Tiny Home in Tasmania!

Anna got her tiny house on a whim! She was renting a 3-bedroom home when a friend was going tiny. Anna loved the sound of that and contacted a local builder with an immediate build slot available—and jumped on the opportunity. Soon, she had a stunning Scandi-style tiny house on wheels and an incredible off-grid [...]

Former Backpackers DIY Tiny Home 6

Former Backpacker’s DIY Tiny Home

After traveling the world with nothing but a backpack, living tiny was nothing new to Gemma. But building a tiny house from the trailer up? Well, that was a whole new challenge, but one she met gladly with the help of her dad. She has a whole off-grid set-up, including solar panels, a rainwater catchment [...]

Flight Attendant’s Gorgeous Tiny House

Sisters with Side-by-Side Tiny Homes

Deb was starting a new phase of her life after her kids moved out, and she got divorced. Living tiny was the perfect “next step” for rebuilding her life. She and her sister purchased tiny houses and placed them on a lush rented lot near the woods. Her off-grid home has a rainwater catchment system, [...]

Beloved Cabin w: Greenhouse Kitchen and Bathroom 2

John and Fin’s Beloved Cabin with Greenhouse Kitchen and Bathroom

If you’ve been around Tiny House Talk for a while, you’ve likely heard of John and Fin. This couple runs off-grid workshops, tiny house meetups, and their organization, United Tiny Homes, has donated thousands to charity! Oh, and they run a whole Airbnb resort in Georgia with several tiny homes they’ve designed and built. But [...]

Price Family of 3 in Stunning Skoolie. 2

Price Family of 3 in Stunning Skoolie

The Price Family is an adorable family of three who travels the country with their DIY skoolie and their dog. Despite having no previous building experience, Megan and Landon did a fantastic job creating a functional and happy tiny house. Before leaving Texas to travel, the couple had a wedding photography/videography business, which they still [...]

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Solar-Powered Dome in Kennebunkport, Maine

This dome isn’t tiny, but it’s amazing! The three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath structure sits on 42 acres of private woodland in Kennebunkport, Maine, and looks like a true retreat from it all.  The structure is all solar-powered and offers a hammock forest, fire pit, and beautiful forest views. Inside, the open-concept dome has a living room, dining [...]

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