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Miles O’ Smiles bus 1.5 Years of Buildling

1.5 Years Building his $3,000 School Bus Tiny Home

Johnny got his bus for $3,000 — and it needed a lot of work, especially regarding rust! A year and a half later, he was able to move into his truly beautiful skoolie. He made sure to keep his two large dogs in mind when building, making them a comfortable under-bed lounge area and making [...]

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Their 4×4 Overlander Built Tough & Beautiful 4

Off-Road Adventure Vehicle: A Closer Look at Their 4×4 Overlander

Rae and Trev have been living tiny now for four years, and their latest 4×4 Overlander is actually their third conversion! They started with a skoolie, then converted a military truck, and finally, they created their own steel home on the back of this retired snowplow. Learning from their former conversions, the couple made sure [...]

Florry The Lorry Empty-Nesters DIY Build 16

Building a Dream on Wheels: The Incredible DIY Box Truck Tiny House Built for Just £30K

Catherine and Chris have been living nomadically in their lorry (box truck) conversion for four years and are loving the freedom and functionality it offers them. “Florry the Lorry” is quite spacious (for a tiny house), and is covered in honey-colored wood that gives it a warm cottage feel. They have a wet bath, fixed [...]

Humbled and Empowered by her Micro Camper Lifestyle 2

Jessi’s Journey to a Micro Camper Lifestyle: From Humble Beginnings to Unstoppable Adventures

Jessi wanted to travel and was ready for a change — so she bought an awesome vintage-inspired camper and outfitted it to her needs. But she’s honest about how challenging the transition was for her, and how difficult the learning curve was as she figured out how to hook up her trailer and deal with [...]

Empty Nesters Choose Bus Life Pre-Retirement 3

Empty Nesters Choose Bus Life Pre-Retirement

Tom and Jodie aren’t quite retirement age, but with an empty nest they were ready for a new chapter and didn’t want to wait another 20 or so years of work to get there! So they sold their home, purged a lifetime of belongings, and built out a Bluebird bus. Their 35-foot bus got a [...]

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 6

ALPHAVAN: Luxury German Van Conversions

While I love a DIY van conversion as much as the next person, it’s always fun to see the best that money can buy, and the German-built ALPHAVAN is about as fancy as it gets! It’s high-tech in just about every way and looks sleek and modern inside and out. There are two swivel seats [...]

Slow Roamers Taking Pictures & Building Vans 8

Traveling While ‘Being at Home’ with Their Van

Do you love travel AND being at home? Alex and Megan had experience with international travel and outdoor exploration, but also love being home — so they decided to bring their home with them as they explore the world. Megan had already built out a van when she met Alex, and since he converts vans [...]

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