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Off the Grid

Magic Forest Farm’s Enchanted Cabin 8

Enchanted Cordwood Yurt at Magic Forest Farms

It took five years and 200 volunteers, but this incredible, enchanting cordwood yurt is complete! The off-grid structure was built primarily from materials gathered on their 225-acre organic farm, and the results are fantastic. If you’re not familiar with cordwood construction, it’s the process of using short logs and mortar/cob to build a structure. The [...]

DIY Tiny Homes for Family w: Adult Daughters 3

DIY Tiny Homes for Family w/ Adult Daughters

How do you go tiny with teenagers? You build two! Or at least that’s what worked for Wayne, Anthea, and their two daughters, Darienne and Remony. Wayne is an architect who wanted to design his own space, and building two tiny homes for their family sounded like a fun project. The girls were 15 and [...]

Get Ready for Four Off-Grid Workshops in 2024 2

Get Ready for Four Off-Grid Workshops in 2024!

This year, United Tiny House is bringing back their off-grid camps, but with more to learn than ever before, and four weekends you can choose from to attend! Just like last year, you’ll get to enjoy hands-on workshops learning about biogas, rainwater collection, and solar systems, and there’s free tent camping on site (or you [...]

2017 Amish-built off-grid tiny home 3

2017 Amish-Built Off-Grid Tiny Home

This is an amazing Amish-built tiny house for sale in New York. The 22-foot home has double lofts and the kitchen and bathroom on opposite ends of the home (for folks that prefer that for sanitary reasons). A V-shaped staircase leads to each loft and adds oodles of storage to the space. The living room [...]

His Second Incredible Box Truck Build

His Second Incredible Box Truck Build

Rory’s main job is working as a ski instructor, but that means living in fancy ski resort towns where the rent prices are climbing up astronomically. To avoid that, he decided to go tiny and build a box truck conversion. His first rig was great, but he found ways to improve it and built another [...]

Their $16K DIY Off-Grid Tiny Home 4

Their $16K DIY Off-Grid Tiny Home

Tess and Joel needed someplace to call their own in 2020 when they had to return to Australia. Joel’s parents own a stunning piece of property in South Australia, and let the couple put their DIY tiny house on the lot. The exterior is painted like a giant wave, which mimics the curved roofline that [...]

3D artists DIY Tiny Home 6

Their DIY Tiny House in Europe

Jonathan lives in this amazing tiny house on wheels that he built nearly four years ago. He spent a couple of years using it for full-time travel around France and Europe with his former girlfriend, and now lives in it stationary (although he is still searching for land). It has a lovely front porch with [...]

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