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Tiny Tranquility Tiny House Village and Vintage Trailer Park 001

Tiny Tranquility: A Tiny House Village & Vintage Trailer Park in Waldport, Oregon

Tiny Tranquility is a tiny house village and vintage trailer park coming to Waldport, Oregon. The park is expected to open in June, 2018 and is offering 43 sites with full hook ups. The community will support tiny house living as well as tiny house vacation rentals. The tiny house village also offers a community [...]

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Tiny Houses: El Paso County Approval of Tiny Homes (Videos)

During the discussions with El Paso County Commissioners on Tuesday the industry shared some interesting concepts for how these tiny homes are being clustered into highly efficient communities elsewhere and how they might play a role in addressing the need for more workforce housing in El Paso County.2 Video 1: Tiny Houses Regulation Discussion at [...]

Tiny House Friendly Land in Cook County, MN

Cook County, MN Allows Foundation Tiny Homes

We got a tip last week that Cook County, Minnesota is tiny house friendly, but I wanted to double-check before spreading a rumor. I contacted Bill Lane, the Planning and Zoning Administrator for Cook County, and he straightened out the details and specifics for those of you interested in going tiny in Minnesota. It’s certainly [...]

Minim Home 3

Minim Home: How This Man’s Tiny House Changed D.C.’s Tiny House Laws

You’ve probably seen the Minim Home, it’s a sleek and modern 210 sq. ft. tiny house designed by Brian Levy. But did you know Levy’s story? After building a house for himself, he started selling the plans for his build. But now, you can purchase the house, fully-decked-out, on his website. Even better? His first [...]

Small Community of Tiny Homes For Sale in Highlands, NJ 001

Small Community of Tiny Homes For Sale in Highlands, NJ

This is a community of tiny homes was listed for sale in Highlands, New Jersey on none other than… eBay! There are a total of 11 tiny homes in different sizes and conditions. As I originally wrote this, the eBay bid price was $239,500 for the houses with a stellar water view. Outside, you’ll notice [...]

250 sq ft Vancouver Tiny House for sale 001

Garage Converted into 250 Sq. Ft. Tiny House (Now For Sale)

This is a 12′ by 24′ garage that was converted into a 250 sq. ft. tiny house that’s now for sale because it was done illegally without permits. So this serves as a warning: don’t build on a foundation without permits because if you get caught, you’ll probably have to tear down all of your [...]

Jay Shafers Tiny House Speech at the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree

Jay Shafer’s Speech at the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree

This is a recording of Jay Shafer’s speech at the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree. So if you really wanted to be there, but couldn’t make it, this makes things a little better, doesn’t it? The speech’s topic is on the Evolution of the Tiny House Movement. Don’t miss other interesting tiny house related videos like [...]