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Seattle’s List of Pre-Approved Tiny and Small House Plans

If you’re looking to build a detached accessory dwelling unit in Seattle, the city has a list of pre-approved construction plans. This can streamline the permitting process, as all you need to do is pick a plan and connect with the designer. There are plans available in various sizes, from 288 square feet to 1000 [...]

850sf Small House ADU by Bunch Design 003

850-sq.-ft. Small House Built Legally As An ADU In Los Angeles

Oftentimes not only is building a tiny house illegal but so is building a small one. One way to get around it, is by building what’s called an Accessory Dwelling Unit, or an ADU for short, if eligible. Then this ADU can be operated as a guest house, in-law suite, vacation home, Airbnb, or what-have-you. [...]

Amherstburg Ontario Canada Town Votes to Allow Secondary Dwellings – ADU Tiny Homes on Foundations

Amherstburg Votes To Allow ADU Tiny Homes (Ontario, Canada)

The town council of Amherstburg recently voted to allow tiny homes on foundations with a minimum 323-square-feet (30-square-meters) minimum and within 20 meters distance from the primary dwelling, according to the Windsor Star. Tiny homes take many different shapes and forms, even when it comes to zoning and real estate. One way to get legal [...]

How To Get A Free Tiny House From ESCAPE Terms Apply 002

ESCAPE Free ADU Program: How To Get A Free Tiny House

This is a reminder about the ESCAPE FREE ADU program. Basically, how you can get a free ESCAPE tiny house (terms apply). The way it works is if you live in Los Angeles or any other city or town that allows tiny houses as ADUs, you can arrange to have an ESCAPE ADU on your [...]

Los Angeles Ordinance Legalizing Tiny Houses on Wheels 2019

LA Passes Ordinance Making Backyard Tiny Homes Legal

According to the Tiny Home Industry Association, LA has made backyard tiny homes on wheels legal as accessory dwelling units. It is called LA 2019-12-5 ADU Ordinance R19-0408. It was just approved by the Los Angeles City Council, pretty incredible, right? One of the largest cities in America has just approved of tiny houses on [...]

Shaylynns beautiful tiny home 008

Tiny House Living in 2019… Tiny Acquisition, Big Headache?

This is a guest article by Shaylynn Bates – “How she got her tiny house and ways you can too” With all the articles out there about downsizing and living small, I’m sure the title of this article is very misleading. I’m not writing yet another article warning about the difficulties of living in a [...]

The Small House Book by Jay Shafer

Tiny house movement timeline: A brief history of tiny homes

This is a tiny house movement timeline… A brief history of tiny homes. How far back does the tiny house movement go? Some could argue that tiny homes have been here since the dawn of man. And it’s true, isn’t it? But for the purposes of this article, I’d like to start by skipping to [...]