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Tiny Cottages

Kyka Plans Updated 32

Kyka Small House Plans: 497 sq. ft. 1 Bedroom + Loft Cabin Plans

We showed you the Kyka cottage plans back in 2021, but they’ve been updated with new renderings! These pictures show off a beautifully modern cabin that could easily serve as a full-time residence for a couple, or even a small family because of the loft bedroom space. The plans have a generous first-floor bedroom next [...]

German Cabin 444

387 sq. ft. German Cottage Guesthouse ​

This guesthouse in Fuhlendorf, Germany is such a lovely combination of old and new. The classy thatched roof might lead you to believe the interior will be cozy and old-fashioned, but much to the contrary! You’ll walk into a grand entryway with white walls, modern furniture, and sleek appliances. The two-story cottage has two mirrored, [...]

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Shulista Croft Wigwam 1. Isle 9

Isle of Skye Wigwam Cabin with Breathtaking Views

While this pod-style tiny house is undoubtedly simple, the views it affords are truly breathtaking! To this day, the Isle of Skye is by far the most magical place I’ve visited, and getting to experience from this tiny wigwam might be the best way to do it! Each of the pods on the land includes [...]

12×36 one bedroom and loft LAND

$100K for Land & Adorable 432 sq. ft. Tiny Home!

Want a tiny lake house with a third an acre of land? This adorable gambrel-roof tiny home in Toronto, Kansas sits on .32 acres and enjoys lake views, fishing, and public hunting nearby. It has a covered patio off the front, and another concrete patio on the back. Inside, the house has a first-floor bedroom [...]

Woman Transforms Garage Into Her 452 Square Foot Home 5

Woman Transforms Garage Into Her 450 Square Foot Home

Anne stumbled across this gorgeous lot of land in New Zealand with ocean views on one end and gorgeous bush views on the other end. When she bought it, all it had was a garage and a small utility shed. Instead of choosing to build a larger home closer to the road, she decided to [...]

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South Georgia 12×30 Cabin on Skids For Sale 2

South Georgia 12×30 Cabin on Skids For Sale

This is a lovely South Georgia cabin with 288 square feet of living space inside and a 6×12 covered porch. You step into the open-concept living room, where you can fit a couch and entertainment center. The kitchen currently only has a sink and microwave, but you could add a hot plate and refrigerator. The [...]

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The Black Blonde Bach 5

The Black Blonde Bach Tiny Homes in New Zealand

The Black Blond Bach is an adorable vacation cabin with three separate tiny homes, two of which are connected by a covered patio well-equipped with outdoor furniture so you can relax. But if you want to be inside, there’s one cottage with a kitchenette, a living area, and a loft queen-sized bed. The second cabin [...]

RVIA Park Model THOW w: No Lofts 3

Park Model Tiny House with Covered Porch

One incredible perk of park models is often the built-in covered porches with the units! The square footage doesn’t count toward the 399 square feet of interior living space, so you get an outdoor living room. The other great feature is that the wider footprint makes it easier to fit a first-floor bedroom inside, which [...]

Oh My Yak Micro Chalet 6

Two-story chalet Cabin with Thermal Pool​

Here’s a gorgeous two-story chalet in the woods of Canada that’s surrounded by stunning evergreen forest. While the interior living space is fairly compact, the large decks that wrap around two sides of the house nearly double the area to relax. And did I mention the 4-season shipping container thermal pool? The bedrooms are on [...]

The Turquoise Door 11

The Turquoise Door Tiny Home Near Great Mesa

Experience the stunning Southwestern landscape in this “Turquoise Door” tiny house that gazes at the Great Mesa and surrounding area. Look at the Milky Way around the firepit by night, then settle yourself indoors in the queen-sized bed on the first floor. If you bring children or want the adventure, there is a loft bedroom [...]

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250 sq ft casitas colorado 9

Adorable 250 sq. ft. Casitas in Colorado

Now this is a tiny *home.* Despite being only 250-square feet, these Casitas in at a Colorado campground look like perfectly miniature versions of larger traditional homes — there’s even a foyer with cathedral ceilings! The home has a compact bathroom, with a little shower stall, a kitchen with all the major appliances so you [...]

Beloved Cabin w: Greenhouse Kitchen and Bathroom 2

John and Fin’s Beloved Cabin with Greenhouse Kitchen and Bathroom

If you’ve been around Tiny House Talk for a while, you’ve likely heard of John and Fin. This couple runs off-grid workshops, tiny house meetups, and their organization, United Tiny Homes, has donated thousands to charity! Oh, and they run a whole Airbnb resort in Georgia with several tiny homes they’ve designed and built. But [...]

Pumice Strawbale Tiny Homes

Pumice Strawbale Tiny Home in New Zealand

Innovative construction methods are always exciting, and this Pumice house in New Zealand used 200 bales of barley straw, a waste product, to create an innovative sculptural vacation property. The house has a gorgeous first-floor bedroom with a roll-away TV, and a unique bathroom with a scultped shower stall. The bales are covered in a [...]

Wee Nook Hobbit Hole 4

Wee Nook Hobbit-Style Cabin in Tennessee

Maybe you disagree, but I don’t think I’ll ever tire of looking at Hobbit Holes! Each has unique features, but all call back to the source material with round doors, wooden accents, and a warm and cozy vibe. This one in Tennessee is no exception. The 360-square-foot space is a great spot to unwind and [...]

Tour the New Hobbit Hole at Hobbiton! 5

Proudfoot Tiny Home in Hobbiton, New Zealand

While we’ve seen many Hobbiton-inspired tiny houses before, this is a “real” one, recently entirely on the same farm as the Hobbiton movie set for the “The Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” trilogies. The original set designers helped create the home to ensure it was as true to Peter Jackson’s interpretation of the books [...]

Cute Tiny Cottage For Sale! 1 bed 1 bath, one level tiny house 24

Single Bedroom Tiny Cottage For Sale!

Here’s a lovely single-bedroom cottage for sale in Pennsylvania. Built as a mold-and-toxin-free environment, the home has an ERV fresh air system, low VOC spray foam insulation, and the studs have been painted with organic, mold-resistant paint. The interior has a shabby-chic feel, with dark wood accent walls, whitewashed pine ceilings, and cream accents. There’s [...]

Nöge 01, Chalet in the heart of nature 18

Nöge 01: Romantic Chalet in the Trees

This beautiful chalet in Quebec looks out at the mountains and offers a magical getaway for two to six people. The living room boasts huge windows and a wood-burning stove, so you can enjoy this cabin year-round. The Scandinavian-inspired design is sleek and modern, with subway tile, black/gray/white finishes, and industrial lighting. You can sleep [...]

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