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Tiny Cottages

Bright & Bold Cabin with Gorgeous Porch Views 2

Micro Cabin in the Woods in Lee, England

This little cottage in Lee, England is popular with walkers and surfers taking advantage of all nature has to offer nearby. While the exterior might blend into the natural surroundings, inside the owners chose a bright and bold color palette. There’s a bathroom in a separate building, and you can cook on the veranda with [...]

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Composer’s Snug Pod Tiny House in the Cornish Valley

Composer’s Snug Pod Tiny House in the Cornish Valley

Composer Freddie Hodkin lives in  a beautiful tiny house built by North East Log Cabin, called the “Camping Snug Star Pod.” Set up in a “plus sign” shape, each arched wing functions as either the kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom. He has his snug pod situated on beautiful land with views of the Cornish [...]

Couple’s Backyard Shed to THOW and Tiny House Community Dreams 4

Couple’s Backyard Shed to Cottage Conversion and Tiny House Community Dreams in Kentucky

Linda and her husband wanted a place to stay separate from their kids when they visited family in Kentucky, so they jumped at a good deal on a shed shell and then spent one very-rainy summer living in the shed and converting it. Now Linda has inherited some land and is interested in renting some [...]

Musician’s 500 sq. ft. Bungalow in Arizona Tiny House Community 2

Musician Builds 500 sq. ft. Bungalow in this Arizona Tiny House Community

Musician Mary lived most of her life in the Bay Area, but she got the chance to invest in a community in Arizona and immediately felt called to live there. Her 500 square foot home was built around her gorgeous piano which she has paid to move with her from apartment to apartment for years. [...]


TreehouseTopia: Tiny Hexagon Cabin Up In The Trees

As always, treehouses — and homes with unusual shapes — hold a special place in my heart. This TreehouseTopia Airbnb is the best of both worlds, suspending a two-story Yurt-like structure amid the trees of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The levels aren’t divided by a typical flooring, however. Instead a taught cargo net acts as a an [...]

Bouldin Creek Bungalow 7

Bouldin Creek Bungalow: Quaint & Quirky Getaway

Here’s the “Bouldin Creek Bungalow” which sits behind the main house on this property and is filled with quaint and quirky decor to make it a truly one-of-a-kind stay. You can sit out on the front porch to enjoy coffee prepared in the full kitchen inside. There’s both a downstairs bedroom with ensuite bath, and [...]

This Couple Has Lived Tiny for 9 Years in All Kinds of Tiny Spaces 79

This Couple Has Lived Tiny for 9 Years in All Kinds of Tiny Spaces

Back in 2014, before #vanlife was trending, this couple got a tiny caravan and traveled in it while holding a home base in a small apartment. Eventually they upgraded to a larger rig, moved into full-time vanlife, and kept exploring Europe. But their adventures didn’t end there! They got a Sprinter van, another caravan, a [...]

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20 x 24 sq ft storage building turned tiny home for $50K 13

20×24 sq ft Storage Building Turned Tiny Home for $50K

Nan got in touch with us to show off her awesome 20×24 storage building that she was able to transform into a tiny house rental with the help of a family friend “jack of all trades.” She said the majority of the $50K spent on the conversion went to installing a new water system and [...]

He Took This Abandoned Cottage and Made it A Gorgeous Modern House

He Rebuilt This Abandoned Tiny Cottage 

UPDATE: There were a lot of concerns and questions regarding George’s renovation of this 1700s-era 400 sq. ft. home. Well, he just published a new video detailing exactly how much the renovation cost and answering your burning questions. Scroll below to watch it! ORIGINAL POST: I absolutely love when people take something old and more [...]

WWII Quonset Hut on Quarter Acre for Sale 12

WWII Quonset Hut on Quarter Acre for Sale

Have you seen WWII Quonset Huts before? I wasn’t familiar with them until today! They were used during WWII to house troops or as agricultural buildings, but when the war was over, the goverment sold them to the public. This one in Southern Illinois is in a college town and sits on 1/4 acre. It [...]

Limited Edition N2 Model Escape 7

Limited Edition ESCAPE N2 Tiny House Available Now

You might remember ESCAPE’s one-off “N1” model that garnered tons of interest from the tiny house community. Well they’ve created the “N2” which is a limited edition mid-century modern tiny home (~40×10) with no lofts and a huge wall of highly efficient windows. They only produce these a few times per year and they’re not [...]

Atlas Cottage Homes Juno Model 08

One Floor Atlas Cottage Homes Juno Model FOR SALE

This is a great option for a one-floor cottage that comes in at just under 500 square feet. The Juno Model, by Atlas Cottage Homes, is constructed in-factory to Florida building codes and then delivered and secured on a foundation on-site. It features a spacious living room with adjacent kitchen, a full bathroom, space for [...]

Treesort Sweet Ashley 8

“Sweet Ashley” Treesort on North Carolina Farm

This is one of the treehouses at the “Treesort” on a 26-acre North Carolina Farm. The home on stilts is tucked under the tree canopy, and even features relaxing swings hanging from the underside of the building! There’s first-floor sleeping and a full bathroom (no composting toilet!), as well as a loft with a twin [...]

Ladies Loo Tiny Cottage in Berwick-upon-Tweed 001

From Ladies Loo to Vintage Tiny House: The Loovre Cottage in Northumberland

This vintage structure went from ladies’ loo to vintage tiny house. It’s the story of the Loovre cottage in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland which is in North East England featuring an open studio layout with a kitchenette, dining nook, sleeping area, and a wet bath. It used to be a Victorian ladies’ loo up until the 1950s. [...]

8×10 Pondside Cottage on Quebec Farm 9

8×10 Pondside Cottage on Quebec Farm

While 80 square feet might sound uninhabitable, this quaint Quebec cottage doubles the living area by providing a lovely covered patio and BBQ area where you can enjoy the pond views and sounds of the farm. Inside there’s a kitchenette with a mini-fridge and gas oven, and a ladder leads to the loft bedroom with [...]

Collin and Jillians 252sf Tiny House 001

Couple’s 252-sq.-ft. Tiny Cottage Life

This is Cody and Jillian’s tiny cottage life. They recently settled into this 252-sq.-ft. tiny home on a foundation that they rented and they are making videos about it on their YouTube channel. Could you live happily in this tiny house? We are just settling into this 252 sq. ft tiny house we are renting! [...]

Stockholm House Boat 2

They Built a Nordic House Boat Cabin in Stockholm

Houseboats aren’t exactly popular in Sweden, but when done, they are done well! This one sits on a special ice-resistant float so it can stay in the frozen water all year long. It’s set up as a vacation spot and includes a huge sauna, comfortable bedroom, and a full kitchen and office space. Double-glazed windows [...]

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