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Tiny Cottages

Amazing Cave Home in Spanish Valley w Pool

Historic Cave Home in Spain

This historic cave home in Andalucía, Spain is one of 30 homes owned by Balcones de Piedad’s Caves in Guadix- Granada. They’ve renovated seven of the structures so far, keeping them as traditional as possible while offering modern conveniences. Incredibly enough, these cave homes have been around for centuries! This one features a comfortable kitchen [...]

Ukranian Windmill w. Four Floors 5

Whimsical Windmill Cottage in Ukraine

Sometimes people take old things and transform them into something new, but in the case of this windmill Airbnb in Ukraine, the owners built a cottage intentionally to look like an old windmill. This definitely has its advantages, as the home includes all the necessary amenities (kitchen, plumbing, fireplace, etc.) that wouldn’t have been included [...]

Brushland’s Owl Nest 8

Owl Nest Cabin on Bramley Mountain

This rustic cabin on Bramley Mountain in New York has been named the “Owl Nest” and it’s easy to see why. Tucked in a clearing among hundreds and thousands of trees, this two-story home with a covered porch welcomes weary travelers for a weekend retreat. Downstairs, there’s a quaint kitchen and living room facing a [...]

Wizard’s Roost at Underhill Hollow 2

Wizard’s Roost Cabin with Whimsical Kids Door

This is such a fun little cottage located on the mythical grounds of Yale School of Magic. Dubbed the “Wizard’s Roost,” it’s a fantastical space with a beautifully painted front door that hides a mini “halving door” for kids to use. In addition to a comfortable queen-sized bed, there’s a bathroom with a shower stall [...]

Living Roof Hobbit-Themed Cottage 4

Living Roof Hobbit-Themed Cottage

Here’s a fun Hobbit-themed cottage in Alabama on a little compound called Nomad’s Land. There are a couple of other little stays on the property, and it has plenty of surrounding nature for you to enjoy. The cottage itself has a living roof that blends it into the surroundings. A bottle wall lets in beautiful-colored [...]

Clay Baby Cascade Mountains Shed to Tiny House Conversion 2

Shed Turned into Tiny House for $30,000

Nick owns some awesome property near the Cascade Mountains, and while he originally intended to use it for personal vacations, he realized later it was a good opportunity to make money doing some short-term rentals. The “Clay Baby” is a shed kit he purchased and had delivered pre-built back in 2019. At the time, the [...]

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Historical Stone Windmill Cottage in Portugal

Historical Stone Windmill Cottage in Portugal

Turns out, old mills make great tiny homes! This stone windmill in Portugal still has the old gears that made it function up in the bedroom, along with vaulted wooden ceilings that make you feel like you’re hidden away in a fairytale tower. But even if the stone looks rather Medieval, the accommodations are not. [...]

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Cube 2 Nestron Newest Pictures 2

Prefab Two-Bedroom Tiny House: The Family-Friendly Nestron Cube 2

Welcome back, tiny house enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share with you. Nestron, the renowned prefab tiny house manufacturer, is opening showrooms in Texas and California in 2023! Do you remember Nestron and the Cube and Cube 2 models we showed you? Well, there’s some exciting news! Since they are opening showrooms in [...]

Cabana do Sossego A-Frame in Brazil 5

Modern A-Frame Built in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Designed to mimic North American A-Frames, this gorgeous luxury cabin in Brazil provides a truly glamorous spot for a couple to get away from it all. The private location has gorgeous views of the woods from the two walls of windows on either side of the house. Inside there’s a well-equipped kitchen, cozy living space, [...]

Blue Ridge Mountain Tiny Home

Blue Ridge Mountain Tiny Home with Breathtaking Views

If you’re needing a peaceful spot to get away from it all, this tiny home at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia offers breathtaking views in a calm residential setting. Sitting about 100 yards from the main house, it has a surprising amount of privacy, even with all the windows! You walk [...]

firetower chalet 1

Fire Tower Chalet Cabin in Pennsylvania

This fire tower chalet in Pennsylvania is surrounded by acres of forest in every direction, giving you a magical private retreat from the world. The first floor houses a well-appointed kitchen, bathroom, and living space, but the real magic is upstairs! The second story of the stone fire tower houses a luxurious queen bed, lofted [...]

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Vintage Shed Meets Modern Tiny Home 19

Vintage Shed Meets Modern Tiny Home

Sometimes adding on to an older building with something contemporary goes wrong, but this hybrid vintage-shed-meets-modern-tiny-home perfectly combines the two eras. The older portion holds a comfy couch and eating area with a coffee bar, while the addition houses a queen-sized bed and another seating area. In the addition you’ll be wowed by reclaimed 9-foot [...]

Upper Valley of Vermont Tiny House on 50 Acres 14

Upper Valley of Vermont Tiny House on 50 Acres

This is a truly luxurious two-story tiny house with a fun, eclectic style that’s sure to give you a romantic getaway. It sits in a clearing on 50 acres of Vermont farmland and has all the quaint charm you’re looking for. What I love about this tiny house is there are two stories. The bedroom [...]

30′ Tiny House on Wheels w Deck 66

30′ Tumbleweed Tiny House on Wheels w/ Deck and Land Lease

Here’s yet another awesome tiny home for sale that has the option for you to take over the land lease (if approved by the community). This 30′ Tumbleweed comes with an incredible covered porch that doubles your overall living space, and there’s even a Rubbermaid shed for additional storage. Besides the standard open-concept living and [...]

Whispering Wind Treehouse 66

Whispering Wind Treehouse: Rustic Woodland Getaway

A treehouse. In the woods. With a clear roof. The Whispering Wind Treehouse is truly remarkable as a cozy getaway with privacy, gorgeous views, and rustic charm. The off-grid cabin is more glamping than a hotel stay, without any running water and just a strand of solar-powered globe lights. But it’s a perfect option for [...]

Uhu Modern A-Frame Treehouse 2

This Tiny A-frame is Built 32-ft. in the Air!

The Uhu is the latest vacation property built by Quebec-based company Repère Boréal. They specialize in gorgeous, luxury vacation stays, and this a-frame treehouse standing 32 feet in the air is no exception! While the cabin is remarkably compact, it includes everything you need for a quiet vacation, like a kitchenette, bathroom, office area with [...]

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200 Year Old 2

Living in a 200-Year-Old Cottage

Haley is a photographer and influencer, and she and her partner recently began renting this adorable 200-year-old cottage! Built in the 1830s, it’s been spruced up over the years but has tons of old-timey charm. The rustic cabinets in the kitchen. The unnaturally low ceiling in the landing. The pastoral views out the window. It [...]