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Family of Four’s $6,000 Tent Home in New Mexico

Family of Four’s $6,000 Tent Cabin in New Mexico

This inspiring couple had a dream to live with their sons off-grid and debt-free, and they made that a reality with their $6,000 tent home on a riverbank in New Mexico! They’re such an inspiration that Living Big in a Tiny House has done two video interviews with the couple: During this most recent tour [...]

Off Road Ready TVAN Camper Trailer with Expanding Tent Kitchen and Awning 001

Tvan Camper Trailer: Off-Road Capable Micro Camper with Expanding Tent and Kitchen

This is the Tvan Camper Trailer by Track Trailer in Australia. It’s a micro travel trailer that you can tow with just about any vehicle, including off-road vehicles. Once you’re at your camping site, the rear folds out into a tent with a platform at the bottom. On one side of the camper, there’s a [...]

Safari Tent Deck

Luxury Camping Tents in St. Louis

These are two romantic luxury camping sites in St. Louis located on a private pond at River Island Marina. You can book your stay on their website for around $140/night. Please enjoy, read more, and re-share below! Luxury Camping Tents in St. Louis Highlights About $90/night Queen bed Private pond Separate outdoor shower, communal Clubhouse bathroom [...]

4 season Tent

270 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Prospector-Style Tent

Mat and Danielle from Exploring Alternatives trekked 4 km into the woods to stay in a 270 sq. ft. prospector-style tent that is completely off-grid. The tents are rented out as 4-season accommodation for outdoor enthusiasts in Québec’s Gatineau Park but that’s not the only reason the couple was interested in checking it out. They [...]


Man Escapes Rent with Belle Tent While Building Tiny Home

When Bryce Langston, of Living Big in a Tiny House, needed a place to live while building his tiny home on wheels he decided to go with a Lotus Belle Tent. This allowed him to escape the trap of high rent even faster! Furthermore, it helps him create the extra time (and money) to build [...]


Glamping in the Tree Tops with a RooMoon: Hanging Tents

I’m excited to share these hanging tents with you because if you like treehouses and camping you’ll probably love this. Yes, camping in the trees would be awesome, but how? Check this out… it’s a tree tent called the RooMoon made by the Hanging Tent Company. It takes tent camping to the next level (literally). [...]

Explorer Box Mobile DIY Tent Camper with Easy Set Up Kind of like a Teardrop Trailer

A DIY Tent Trailer You Can Build For Camping

The Explorer Boxes are a hybrid of teardrop trailers and easy-to-set-up tent campers. Designed and developed by Compact Camping Concepts, LLC, they’re campers that you can easily build yourself. The company has developed an 85-page set of building plans so that you can build your own tent trailer. They’re small in size and lightweight so [...]